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Days of Our Lives Recap: Rafe Comforts Nicole While Ava Stews at The Salem PD

Days of Our Lives Recap For November 3, 2021
Arianne Zucker, Galen Gering

Arianne Zucker, Galen Gering

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Philip comes out of the Brady Pub and bumps into Zombie Nick. Nick excuses himself and wishes the intrigued Philip a Happy Halloween. Philip thinks that guy looked like Nick Fallon, but he's dead.

Luckily, Gabi finds a shovel to help her dig Jake out of that deep hole . . . if he's really in there. Gabi strikes something hard and solid (ahem yes) and digs more frantically. Her efforts have paid off, she find's Jake! Gabi tries everything to revive him . . . and she finally does. Jake however, wants to know what happened.

Shawn gets hauled in for overtime and Eli fills him in on what's happening. Ava is in the interrogation room. When Shawn asks why, Eli tells him he thinks Ava just snapped. Shawn's curious about Carmine's connection to Ava and Abe's shooting. Eli's not convinced she's cut her mob ties or making any sense right now. Eli asks Shawn to try to get more information . . . and not about dead bodies.

Nicole just can't explain to Rafe why the scissors are on the floor and not in Deimos' chest where she left them. Rafe wants to know what really happened. Nicole tells him everything that happened with Deimos before she stabbed him . . . again! Rafe takes up the scissors. He notices there's no blood and reminds her zombies don't leave blood. Nicole says Deimos wanted revenge and lays it out for Rafe.

Ava is alone and talking out loud. She's trying to put the pieces together, but can't figure out what's really going on. Ava thinks she should have stayed to fight rather than run. She pleads with Charlie to not hurt Tripp. 

Tripp realizes mama Ava was right. Charlie is "alive" and threatening to harm Allie. Charlie taunts Tripp and asks him what he's going to do about it. Tripp tells Charlie he's not even scary as a zombie, but Allie tries to tone Tripp down. Charlie accuses Tripp of not helping him the night he was killed and tells him they're going back to hell together.

Shawn goes into see Ava and wants to know what's really going on. Ava says she's told everyone what happened, but Shawn walks her back as if she's tell it for the first time. His first question is about Carmine. Shawn has to explain to Ava that Charlie is dead.

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Ava tells Shawn that Charlie showed up when Carmine tried to stab her. He taunted her about not loving him. When Ava thought she would be stabbed next, she ran. Shawn's skeptical of Ava's story. Ava tries to convince Shawn she's telling the truth and is only concerned about other people, like Allie and Henry. Ava want to talk with someone else, someone who will listen. She wants Rafe, but not a lawyer. Shawn agrees to call him.

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Gabi explains to Jake that Nick came after him because of her. Jake asks if that's the guy she killed . . . twice. Gabi explains to him about Nick's resurrection. When Jake comments that Zombie Nick is a crazy idea, Nick appears to both of them. Nick tells them he will have to take care of Jake all over again.

Eli goes to the Kiriakis mansion to chat with Philip. He explains he's there to ask Philip about Carmine. Eli tells Philip he knows about his connection to Carmine  . . . and how he wanted to used him against Jake. When Eli asks a direct question, Philip has a flashback about Ava and Carmine. 

Rafe explains to Nicole what's been happening with Ava. He tells her about the body in his kitchen. Rafe explains he doesn't know if Ava killed Carmine, but acknowledges there's a connection. Rafe admits he's been played the fool by Gabi, Jake, Philip, and Ava (did I leave anyone out?). Nicole apologizes for troubling Rafe, but he assures her he's really okay with the interruption. He's happy to be there for her and doesn't want to leave her alone. Nicole says she's not alone because she's got THAT DAMN BEAR! After some back and forth chitchat, they kiss hard. Meanwhile, Rafe's incoming phone calls are being ignored for other more urgent needs.

Nick pushes Gabi into a tombstone and she bangs her head. Nick turns his attention to Jake and threatens to put a stake through his heart. When he raises his arm, he gets slammed in the head by a shovel . . . swung by Gabi. Gabi declares him dead, hopefully for good this time. They put him back into his final resting place where he belongs Neither one knows how or why he was brought back and are not sure they want to.

Tripp and Charlie wrestle and struggle. Allie tells them to stop. She slams Charlie in the head with a frying pan, but unlike Nick, he's completely conscious. Charlie teases Tripp that all he got was sloppy seconds, which fires Tripp up even more. Tripp slams that frying pan at Charlie multiple times. Tripp turns to promise Allie he won't let Charlie hurt her. When they look to the couch where Tripp cracked Charlie's skull, he's no longer there. 

Gabi and Jake to to the police station. Shawn and Eli think she helped Jake to escape, but Jake tells them it wasn't Gabi, but him and him alone. 

Allie and Tripp come down from their traumatic ordeal. She tells Tripp she loves him and they get hot and heavy.

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