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Perkie's Observations: Shawn Presses Nikolas to Tell Him The Truth About Hayden on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 4, 2021
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Sean Donely, General Hospital

Sean Blakemore

On today's General Hospital recap: Nikolas and Shawn head to the gallery to take care of their business, which makes Ava a little suspicious. Nikolas questions whether Shawn is ready to take the money he offered. Shawn accuses Nikolas of killing Hayden's mother Naomi. Nikolas denies having anything to do with Naomi's death.

Shawn says it's not about money for him, but he wants to know who Nikolas hired to do the shooting. Nikolas denies knowing anything about a hitman and the police won't listen to Shawn. Shawn says he'll go to Finn, who the police will listen to. Nikolas promises to help Shawn clear his name. Shawn accepts more money from Nikolas before leaving.

Spencer pays Alexis a visit and tells her he's working at Kelly's. Spencer says he needs to get back into Nikolas' good graces and show he's responsible. Spencer says he needs access to his trust fund to pay for a decent attorney. Alexis thinks Spencer should keep his distance from Nikolas and doesn't want Spencer to become like his father.

Ned stops by the gallery to look for a birthday gift for Olivia. Trina mentions an art project with a National Geographic animal photographer. She wants to have an exhibit, but Ava says it would be expensive. Ned offers to bankroll it in Olivia's name to get back into her good graces.

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Robert comes across a drunken Olivia, who tells him things between her and Ned are worse than ever. Olivia complains about Ned thinking Leo was on the spectrum because of Austin. Robert defends Ned and thinks she might consider looking into it.
Olivia says Ned doesn't listen, but Robert does. He admits they are friends, but Olivia thinks they are more and kisses him, as Ned arrives. Ned punches Robert in the face. Olivia tears a strip off of Ned, who storms off. Olivia is upset when she sees the painting that Ned bought for her.

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Curtis and Portia continue to discuss the strange man as Sam arrives to talk to Curtis. Sam updates him on the latest with Drew.

Dante gets called to the hospital because someone beat up Joey Novak on the docks, and put him in the ICU. Dante heads to The Savoy to question Curtis. Curtis says Joey caused a scene and he needed to throw Joey out. Dante warns Curtis to be careful of the shady element that a bar brings in.

Victor is brought to Valentin's room to discuss Peter's whereabouts. Victor says it's the only leverage he has. Victor swears he is Valentin's father and a true Cassadine. Valentin says Peter will come after his daughters, who are Victor's granddaughters. Victor says he can't help from behind bars. Victor is taken back into custody

Ava questions Nikolas about his meeting with Shawn, but he's not forthcoming. Nikolas leaves a message for Victor, asking if he was responsible for Naomi's death.

Harmony shows Esme around Spring Ridge for the first day of her internship. When left alone, Esme promises Ryan that she'll take care of everything.

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