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Tamron Hall Tapped to Host Court TV New True-Crime Series

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall is gearing up to do a bit of moonlighting in primetime. Hall will host the upcoming Court TV true-crime series, Someone They Knew...With Tamron Hall. Deadline reports the show will air on Sunday nights. Each episode will center on the victim to the verdict, and how when it comes to murder, it is seldom the victim and killer are not connected.

The show will feature stories from those who've been affected by the case, such as the victim's family, friends, police officers, lawyers, and jurors. In a statement to the trade site, Hall said:

When the idea of a series focused on crimes committed by intimate partners was presented to me, I felt a deep connection to these victims. I have always been pulled into the ‘why’ – why crimes like this happen – and the heartbreaking impact they have on family and friends. Court TV represents an additional, trusted partner to support the important work that I do.

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Someone They Knew... With Tamron Hall debuts Jan. 9 at 9 PM EST on Court TV.