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Days of Our Lives Recap: Abigail and Chad Find Proof of Gwen’s Deception

Days of Our Lives Recap For November 4, 2021
Abigail Deveraux, Days of Our Lives

Marci Miller

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Maggie and Victor having breakfast in their living room. Maggie wants to talk, but Victor is buried in his iPad reading about the possibility that Ava killed Carmine. Maggie is happy that Carmine is no longer. Victor is happy that Ava could be going away. Just then, Justin walks in a free man. 

At the Brady Pub, Steve is having breakfast with Jack. They are talking about how Gwen is about to get out of prison. Jack is very grateful to Steve for his help with both Gwen and Bonnie. 

At the Salem PD, Xander is patiently awaiting Bonnie’s release. Melinda explains that Steve played hardball with Kristen, which is why all four of them are out of the pen. 

In the interrogation room, Chad hugs Kristen, who wonders where EJ is. 

At University Hospital, Abigail and Kayla are having a chat. She thinks Gwen is lying to Jack and she wants Kayla’s help. 

Like sands through the hour glass . . .

Justin is telling Victor and Maggie that because the charges were dropped he probably won’t be disbarred. Maggie wonders what kind of deal Victor struck with Melinda to make all this happen. Victor explains that Steve tracked down and turned in Kristen DiMera. 

Justin thanks Victor for helping both him and Bonnie. Victor doesn’t understand. Cue Bonnie. She brought Victor some champagne to thank him, but Victor explains he only negotiated for Xander and Justin, not some DIME STORE DOLLY PARTON!

Side Note: I love Victor. 

Victor is so annoyed that Bonnie is out of prison he’s ready to call Melinda to fix it. Maggie wants Victor to pipe down. Justin wants to move forward and get married . . . today. 

Side Note: Why do so many weddings in daytime need to happen today?

Justin is going to call everyone to see if they can gather at a moment’s notice. He then grabs the champagne and heads upstairs with his beloved. 

At the Salem PD, Xander and Gwen are talking about Uncle Victor. Melinda doesn’t care and goes to leave. Xander thinks they have unfinished business. 

Xander wants his money back. Melinda says she needs a minute, but she will get it for him. 

At University Hospital, Kayla wonders what Abigail wants to know. They then review everything Gwen has done and/or been accused of. Abigail can’t understand how Gwen could have been blackmailed. Abigail thinks she is lying about her past and hiding something much worse. 

Abigail has no idea what Dr. Snyder could have been holding over her head. Abigail blames herself for Gwen’s miscarriage and for her involvement with Dr. Snyder. She wants Kayla let her rummage around in Snyder’s old office. 

Side Note: Wouldn’t that office have been cleaned out long ago? 

Kayla takes Abigail to Dr. Snyder’s office and explains that patient information has been cleared out of the room, but she is free to rummage around. 

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Side Note: Really, Kayla?

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Across town, Jack explains yet again how Gwen is trying to turn her life around and he hopes it counts for something. Steve and Jack both say they have benefitted from second chances. 

Jack explains to Steve that he and Gwen have become really close, and she is also cozying up to Xander. Jack seems pleased by their possible coupling. 

Back at the Salem PD, Kristen reads EJ’s letter informing her he won’t be able to represent her. Kristen is furious and distraught. Chad tries to calm her down by saying EJ has hired her another lawyer who will be there later. 

Kristen thanks Chad for standing by her side. She is furious with Steve and thinks she should go knife Victor all over again. 

At the Horton House, Gwen is upset that no one is home to greet them. Xander distracts her by talking about their future island vacation. They get excited and start to canoodle on Alice Horton’s sofa. Gwen wonders what Julie would think, but Xander doesn’t care. They start to get nekkid and roll around. Jack walks in just as heat is rising.

They all decide to forget what just happened and celebrate Gwen’s release from prison. They grab mimosas so Jack can give a meaningful Irish toast. Xander gets a text from Melinda that his money is ready for collection. He makes his exit and Gwen fills Jack in on her budding relationship with Xander.

Steve heads over to University Hospital to take Kayla on a stroll in the park. Kayla asks about his breakfast with Jack, which prompts a conversation about whether or not Gwen is lying again. 

At the Salem PD, Melinda informs Kristen she will be serving her full 5-year sentence in addition to all her knew charges. Melinda is out for Kristen’s blood. Kristen can’t believe she let all those folks go, but she explains she is out to exact revenge for Haley’s death. She is keeping Kristen from Rachel since she took Haley away from her. 

Back at University Hospital, Chad arrives to help Abigail go through Dr. Snyder’s personal things. Chad wonders what they are looking for, but Abigail isn’t really sure. Chad starts flipping through Snyder’s book collection and finds a random medical record of Gwen’s. It’s about the miscarriage, but they can’t figure out why he had it. As they review Gwen’s medical record, they realize that Gwen lied about her miscarriage. 

Side Note: Sooooo many felonies happening at University Hospital. 

Across town, Steve and Kayla arrive all gussied up at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor is furious with Steve for helping Bonnie and Gwen. Just then, Justin and Bonnie return with news that the Justice of the Peace is out of town. No worries . . . Aunt Maggie to the rescue!

Bonnie is confused since Maggie doesn’t like her. Maggie agrees, but explains she loves Justin. She goes on to explain she got ordained when she was in prison last year. Victor wonders why she didn’t take up macrame. 

Bonnie asks Kayla if she would hold the phone so Mimi can watch. Justin asks if Steve can do the same so Sonny “and his brothers” can watch. 

Side Note: And his brothers? Do they have names?

The happy couple wastes no time and quickly recite their vows. Maggie is officiating, but she’s doesn’t really look like she is enjoying it. Which she shouldn’t. No one in that room should really be happy about this wedding, including Sonny “and his brothers”. Thankfully, Victor is annoyed enough for the both of them. 

At the Salem PD, Xander is happy to be reunited with his money. Just then, Melinda smiles, shuts the case, and says he won’t be leaving with it. She demands he give her the money or she will blow up Gwen’s life. 

In Alice Horton’s living room, Jack and Gwen are adorably bonding. Just then, Abigail and Chad enter with the sole purpose of taking Gwen down. 

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