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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Makes an Offer That an Incapacitated Joey Can't Refuse on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 5, 2021
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Spencer stops by Kelly's to pick up his paycheck and is shocked at how paltry it is. (Dude, you've been on the job for two days). Esme tells him to make up with his father and play nice with Ava to access his trust fund. Spencer asks Cameron for an advance but he says he doesn't have the power to do it.

Ava tells Carly and Sonny she heard about Joey's attack, and worries about another mob war brewing. She questions whether Avery is safe with Sonny, but he's not having it. (Ava honey, remember when Cyrus was coming after Carly and you left Avery with her because it was safer? You have no leg to stand on here.)

Ava asks about Spencer and Nikolas remembers the confrontation on the docks. Nikolas thinks he's lost Spencer for good, but Ava doesn't agree. She believes Spencer will come home.

Shawn lets Alexis know about Spencer and Nikolas' confrontation, and the money he's getting. He says the money is being put in a trust for the non-profit he will be heading up. Shawn asks about the pardon from the governor and wonders why Alexis doesn't want it.

Trina is excited to show Portia the photos for her exhibit. Portia brings up Spencer and Trina admits he came to see her, but she put her foot down with him.

Carly and Sonny discuss the situation with Joey, and how he was attacked. Carly wonders who ordered it if it wasn't Sonny. Sonny says he needs to see Joey.

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Esme apologizes to Josslyn to get rid of the tension between them. Josslyn shuts her down, so Esme complains to Cameron. She asks again about renting a cabin, but Cameron points out their lack of funds. Esme brings up sex and how he and Josslyn aren't getting any, but how it's good for them to wait. Esme continues stirring the pot by mentioning to Josslyn about waiting for sex. Later, Josslyn is determined to get some from Cameron.

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Trina's not happy when Spencer shows up at the gallery, but he says he's there to see Ava. Spencer says he accepts Ava's marriage to Nikolas, but Trina sees through it. She knows he simply wants his money. Trina accuses him of having no respect for her or Ava. She pushes and Spencer admits he needs money for a lawyer, and to find a place for him and Esme to live. Trina calls him selfish, spoiled, and a liar. She says she's done with him and tells him to leave. Spencer pushes so Trina tells him to be his own man.

Joey wakes up in the ICU. Portia explains to him that someone beat him up. Sonny stops in to threaten Joey for messing with Carly. Joey's scared and questions what Sonny wants in exchange for peace. Sonny says he wants what's left of the Novak organization, which Joey agrees to.

Carly runs into Liz, who asks about Nina. Carly says Nina's out on bail, which Liz finds shocking. She says she would destroy anyone who came between her and her family. (Uh, Liz honey I love you to death, but remember shacking up with Jake Doe when you thought he was Jason? Yeah, keep the hypocrisy for CarSaSon please.) Liz says she hopes Carly gets the justice she deserves.

Nikolas gives Shawn the paperwork for the non-profit and says they're even. Shawn however, claims he'll come looking for more funding for the new organization if needed. He also warns Nikolas not to cross him again. Ava demands to know the details from Nikolas.

Nikolas and Ava head to the gallery, and find Spencer with Trina. Spencer says he's happy his father and Ava are together, and he doesn't want to be a prince. He says he doesn't want the family money and he wants to be his own man. Spencer says he's no longer Nikolas' son and thanks Trina for pushing him.

Shawns heads back to Alexis to have her look over the paperwork. The warden tells Alexis that the Governor has issued her a pardon and she will be released. 

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