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Perkie's Observations: Carly Confides In Diane About The Changes In Her Marriage on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 8, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Esme and Cameron discuss the couples going away for a weekend. Cameron mentions Josslyn's family cabin, which would be free. Spencer returns from the gallery and Esme tells him about their plans to go away. Spencer questions Cameron's need for separate rooms. Cameron's not happy that Spencer is judging him.

Cameron asks if Spencer is back in Nikolas and Ava's good graces, but Spencer tells them he renounced everything. Spencer says Trina told him to stand on his own feet, which shocks Cameron, who doesn't agree with Trina. Cameron says Spencer has lived a very pampered life and he should be begging for Nikolas' forgiveness.

Esme claims to be proud of Spencer and on his side, despite the face she made when she heard the news. She's sad he turned to Trina, but Spencer reassures her. Esme tells Cameron that she'll need to be more friendly with Trina.

Ms. Wu joins Carly and Sonny. Sonny says they need to learn how to work together now that Buscema and Novak are gone. Ms. Wu says she wasn't responsible for Joey's beating. Sonny says he'll be taking over Novak's organization and he'll give her half of the assets.

Ms. Wu tells Sonny that her nephew Brad's parole hearing is coming up and wants Sonny's help in granting it. Sonny reminds her of what Brad did to Michael. Ms. Wu says Brad is regretful and has paid his dues. Sonny says he can't grant this favor and can't intercede on Brad's behalf, but won't block the parole either.

Ms. Wu is worried about the Corinthos family coming after Brad. Sonny says he won't retaliate if Brad should be released, but he has to stay away from Michael and Wiley. Ms. Wu asks if he's talking on behalf of the entire organization. Sonny says he's back in charge and speaks for his entire family.

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Sam and Diane show up to congratulate Alexis on her pardon. Nikolas arrives and announces he was behind the pardon, which Alexis is still angry about. Alexis accuses Nikolas of shooting Hayden, but he says there is no proof and Hayden is alive. Nikolas gets angry when Alexis mentions telling Spencer not to be like him and storms off. Sam runs after him and thanks Nikolas for getting the pardon, no matter his methods.

Alexis admits to Harmony that she's terrified of being on the outside and making decisions, like staying sober, on her own. Harmony offers to be there if Alexis needs to talk.

Carly talks to Diane about the changes in her relationship with Sonny and how Nixon Falls changed him. Carly says Sonny doesn't want her to go after Nina, which Diane doesn't understand. Carly complains she also doesn't have Jason's shoulder to vent on for the sake of her marriage.

Jason and Drew are locked up together. Jason updates Drew and figures Peter still needs him, which is why Drew is still alive. Drew is angry that Peter has so much control and worries what he'll be forced to do next. Jason tells Drew to kill Peter because if he's dead, he can't control Drew. Jason says the two of them can work together.

Britt's worried about her mother, but Peter reassures her that Liesl is resting comfortably. He says he wants them to come to an understanding. Britt insists on seeing Liesl, but Peter says she'll need to earn it.

Peter says there is only one way off the island for Britt, by his side. The two head to where Jason and Drew are being held. Peter tells Drew that he'll be killing someone today. 

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