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Days of Our Lives Celebrates 56th Anniversary

Days of Our Lives

NBC's lone soap, Days of Our Lives, hit the airwaves on this day in 1965. Ted and Betty Corday started out in radio, but created DAYS for television. Ted also served as a director for both Guiding Light and As the World Turns. Betty took over his duties at DAYS after his death in 1966. Their son, Ken Corday has been the show's executive producer since 1986.

DAYS has always featured the Horton family at its core. Alice Horton was a character on the show from its debut until her final appearance in 2007. Well-known soap scribe Bill Bell came to DAYS as head writer in 1966 and "sexed-up" the show. He remained with the serial until 1975.  

DAYS melodrama of the 70s featured Julie Olson's tortured romance with ex-con Doug Williams. Williams is the father of Hope from his marriage to Julie's mother, Addie. The darker side of the Horton family featured with the twisted love triangle with brothers Bill and Mickey fighting over fragile Dr. Laura Horton. It culminated in Bill raping his brother's wife and secretly fathering Mike Horton.

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Salem's beloved psychiatrist, Dr. Marlena Evans, came to Salem in 1976. She would eventually enter a romance with Roman Brady, the cop who protected her from a serial killer. A few years later, the dynamic DiMera family came to Salem with criminal mastermind Stefano, followed by his not-so-upstanding family members.

The soap was famous for its well-known and beloved supercouples, which revolved around Roman's other family members including: Kayla and former merchant marine henchman Steve; roguish Bo and spoiled ingenue Hope; former prostitute Kim and dashing British spy Shane, and her mother's former lover, the ruthless Greek mobster Victor Kiriakis.

One of the most celebrated storylines occurred when the sinister Vivian Alamain buried Carly Manning alive. The tale of two Romans, Samantha Gene walking in on John and Marlena, and the Salem Serial Killer are also storylines that stand out to longtime DAYS fans. And who could forget the story that made headlines . . . Marlena's first possession!

DAYS tweeted a photo to celebrate their anniversary:

How long have you been a DAYS fan? What are your favorite storylines? Sound off in the comments below!