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Days of Our Lives Recap: MarDevil Relishes Brady’s Mess And Ben’s Seed

Days of Our Lives Recap For November 8, 2021
Dr. Marlena Evans, Days of Our Lives

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Susan Banks arriving at Casa de Weston. She’s had a premonition about their baby. Ciara doesn’t know how Susan knows. Susan is frustrated because she has already explained she had a premonition!

At Basic Black, Nicole arrives and Chloe wonders why she looks so beat. Cut to a flashback of hot sex with Rafe on the conference table upon which Chloe is leaning her fabulous elbows. 

At the Salem PD, Ava is hanging out in the interrogation room when Rafe enters. She thinks they need to talk.

Across town, MarDevil is reading about the havoc she wreaked on Halloween, but Salem ain’t seen nothing yet. MarDevil picks up a knife and ponders the state of the world. She thinks since she raised souls the night before, today is the day to put one in the ground!

Like sands through the hourglass . . . 

At Nicole’s boarding house, Tripp is leaving a message for Rafe when Allie arrives with baby Henry. Tripp feels bad that he accused Ava of making up undead Charlie. They review the demonic events of the prior evening and comfort each other with an embrace. 

Tripp offers to keep Allie company, but she wants to send him on his way with her love. Tripp loves her, too. 

Side Note: Allie sort of seems sure about her love for Tripp . . . maybe?

Across town, Rafe is somewhat skeptical that undead Charlie killed Carmine. Ava is miffed that Rafe won’t believe her. Why is he being so cold? Rafe pushes Ava and she explains that Carmine showed up all of a sudden and then attacked her. All of a sudden, undead Charlie shows up and puts a knife in his chest. Just one problem, only Ava’s prints were found on the knife. 

Side Note: Rafe is being an ass. I mean, I get it, but still.

Ava says maybe zombies don’t have fingerprints. Rafe makes the connection between Carmine and Ava because of Gabi’s intel. Ava switches the topic to why Rafe wasn’t around for her the night before. Cue flashback of table sex. 

Just then, Tripp enters. He wonders why Rafe hasn’t called him back. Tripp explains that Henry and Allie are okay, and that undead Charlie really did happen. Rafe thinks Tripp is just covering for his mama. Tripp doubles down on undead Charlie. Rafe, strangely, seems perplexed and then remembers Nicole’s words about Deimos. 

At Basic Black, Chloe quickly clears her belongings from the aforementioned sex table. Chloe is confused because she thought Nicole was into EJ. Nicole doesn’t want to get into it, but says she doesn’t regret her actions. There were extenuating circumstance . . . she almost died. Nicole saw Deimos Kiriakis and he came back to kill her. 

Chloe wonders how much Nicole had to drink last night. She explains she was very sober, saw Deimos, and stabbed his undead body. When Rafe arrived, there was no Deimos. Maybe she imagined it? Anyway, Rafe arrived, he was nice, and the hit the desk. 

Chloe wonders what Ava is going to think about her tryst. Nicole explains that Ava has been arrested on suspicion of Carmine’s murder. Chloe thinks Nicole and Ava had similar evenings. She ignores the murderous details and asks Nicole about her plans for Rafe. 

MarDevil is across town grasping the knife and telling no one in particular that John Black will pay. Suddenly, Brady appears. He wonders if everything is okay because he thought he heard a man’s voice talking about John cheating death. MarDevil explains she was talking to Roman about John’s secret mission. 

Brady thinks he’ll be back soon it’s soon to be their anniversary. MarDevil tries to make a quick exit, but Brady wants some advice. 

Brady wants advice about Rachel. She’s been asking questions about Kristen. MarDevil thinks he should tell her the truth, the truth about Brady. MarDevil thinks he is harboring impure thoughts about Chloe Lane. 

Brady doesn’t think his feelings are impure. MarDevil thinks it’s all semantics. The reality is he has lied to all of the people. MarDevil thinks he should go with his feelings and lay pipe on the conference table. 

Brady is quite taken aback and can’t actually do what Marlena suggests. MarDevil thinks her idea is bold, daring, and romantic. She pushes him out the door and tells Brady to go show Chloe who is boss. Brady is skeptical, but MarDevil tells him it worked for her and John!

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Side Note: MarDevil’s use of history to cause current chaos makes me giddy. 

Brady exists and MarDevil giggles. 

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At Chez Hernandez, Susan asks if Ben Weston’s SEED IS FLOWERING IN CIARA”S WOMB!

Side Note: Really?

Susan goes on to explain she needs to warn them that their baby is in grave danger. Susan is PISSED that Ciara is doubting her word. Ben is much more on board. Ciara agrees to at least listen and asks Susan about her vision. 

Ciara and Susan take a seat on the bed and she explains that her visions are fuzzy. Ben wonders if it would help Susan to feel the belly. She immediately feels him up instead of Ciara. She swaps bellies, jumps back and screams, “EVIL!”

Susan is now passed out and Ben is going to go get Marlena to help out.

Side Note: Victoria Konefal’s facial expressions are making me giggle. 

At Nicole’s boarding house, Chanel has arrived with chicken soup to heal what ails her. Allie begins to explain the freaky happenings from the night before. Allie decides not to get into it, but to tell her about her “I love you” to Tripp. All that matters is that Tripp knows Allie wants to be with him and not her. 

Side Note: There’s still tension.

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Chloe disinfecting the sex table. She turns and sees Brady walk through the door, take off his coat, and pull her into a kiss. They move onto the aforementioned sex table.

Suddenly, Chloe’s voice awakens Brady from his fantasy.

At the penthouse, MarDevil can’t wait to see what happens with Chloe and Brady. She’s planted the seed in his brain. She’s now going to move on to John Black, but Ben has stopped her. He tells her that Ciara is pregnant. 

At Chez Weston, Susan has awakened. Ciara thinks she should rest until Marlena gets there. She goes on to explain how nervous Ben is about being a father. He’s worried about passing on his “evil gene” to the baby. Susan says she doesn’t want to upset Ciara. She’s going to hit he bathroom and head out. Ciara now wants to know if her baby is in danger. 

Susan places her hands on Ciara’s belly and begins to make some noise. She feels the evil associated with the baby is very strong. It has nothing to do with Ben. The evil is coming from someone else. 

At Nicole’s boarding house, Chanel wonders why Tripp isn’t around. Allie explains he is helping his mama. 

At the Salem PD, Ava is so thankful Tripp is there to support her. She’s starting to doubt Rafe. 

Rafe is ordering his police folks to check out both Charlie and Deimos’ graves. Just then, Nicole enters.

MarDevil takes Ben back into the penthouse to confirm what she heard. She goes full on MarDevil when she realizes that Ben and Ciara’s baby is a reality. 

Happy 56th Days of Our Lives!

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