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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn Derails Gladys' Blackmail Scheme on General Hospital

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Brook Lynn Quartermaine, General Hospital

Amanda Setton

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly tells Michael that Sonny wants to discuss something with them. Sonny says he owed Ms. Wu and she called in a favor. He explains about Brad and how he doesn't want Michael to block the parole. Sonny says he promised Ms. Wu there would be no retaliation. Michael says he'll honor Sonny's wishes, but if Brad comes anywhere near him or Wiley, he will do something. (Oooh, I'm so skeered of meanie Mikey.)

Carly says she understands Michael's need to protect Wiley. Sonny says it's his job to protect the family, but Carly says things changed while he was gone.

Gladys has a plant for Austin to thank him for lifting her spirits at The Savoy. Gladys commiserates with Austin for the way Brook Lynn treated him. She says Brook Lynn will reap what she sows, which piques his interest, but Gladys doesn't say more.

Harmony runs into Willow and Wiley at the Metro Court. Harmony asks about Chase, but Willow tells her their relationship is over and she's now with Michael. Willow makes nice with her mother, including introducing her to Wiley. Maxie introduces Brook Lynn to Kip, an actor, who will pretend to be Brook Lynn's baby daddy in front of Gladys.

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Maxie heads to the hospital and runs into Austin, who says he wants to get to know her better. Maxie wants to keep things the way they were in the beginning. Austin suggests a support group, but Maxie says they aren't for her. She believes Louise is alive and will be returned to her. 

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Brook Lynn and Kip find Gladys. Kip plays it hard that Gladys shouldn't be threatening Brook Lynn and he's the baby daddy. Kip lays it on thick and warns Gladys to back off. He slaps his hand down and shows her a fake gun. Gladys agrees to back off and Brook Lynn tells Gladys to delete the recording, which she does.

Kip heads to the hospital to have his hand checked out and Austin sees Maxie give him a wad of cash.

Peter brings guards in to subdue Jason. He releases Drew and activates him with the tarot card. Britt begs for Jason's life. Peter commands Drew to cut himself with a knife, which he does. Then, he puts the shackles back on him. Peter deactivates Drew with a different card, then heads out with Britt again.

Jason tells Drew he now knows how Peter is controlling him and knows how to turn it off. Drew is still concerned that he'll do something terrible and says he'd rather die at Jason's hands than follow Peter's orders. Jason promises it won't get to that point. He explains how Britt saw the card that will deactivate him with the command, "Stand Down." 

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