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Days of Our Lives Recap: Susan Discovers All Is Not What It Seems With Dr. Marlena Evans

Days of Our Lives Recap For November 9, 2021
Kristen DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Stacy Haiduk

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Philip checking out Ava’s arrest on his tablet. Lucas arrives and wonders what is going on with his love life. Just then, Kate arrives to poke her nosy nose into everything.

At Basic Black, Brady’s fantasy of boning Chloe is interrupted by a live and in person Chloe. He tells her he was fantasizing about doing her on the desk.

At Chez Weston, Ciara is trying to understand why Susan thinks her fetus is EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!

Across town, MarDevil is thrilled with the news that Ben and Ciara have conceived. Ben explains he is there because Susan thinks their baby is doomed for evil doings. MarDevil says that Susan won’t get away with her foolishness.

Like sands through the hour glass . . . 

At the Salem PD, Rafe and Ava are having an uncomfortable conversation about their desk sex. Rafe avoids the topic by saying that Ava is in custody and thinks undead Charlie murdered Carmine.

In another potential MESS, Kate joins Lucas and Philip to discuss Brady and Chloe. Kate thinks Chloe’s actions are completely expected and wondered what happened when Philip confronted her. He didn’t. Philip explains he thinks he overreacted. Kate is more than suspect. Philip tells Kate he’s trying to avoid being ridiculous and didn’t tell Brady and Chloe he saw them. Lucas however did!

Lucas explains he confronted Brady about Chloe, but learned no new information. Kate pipes up that she is worried Philip will hide his head in the sand. She’s worried Philip will continue to get hurt by that awful Chloe Lane. Lucas and Philip remind Kate that jealousy has led her down horrible road . . . lest we not forget the poisoned brownies Kate have Chloe when she thought her boyfriend DANIEL was cheating with Chloe.

Philip goes on to say he doesn’t need Kate’s help. Chloe only moved out because of his foolishness. Kate nods to Lucas for some assistance, but he declines. Philip says he’s going to romance Chloe and trust her. Hopefully, his efforts will yield results. Kate is less than certain of the possible success of Philip’s plan.

Kate thinks the only silver lining is that Philip isn’t involved with Ava. Lucas is too busy enjoying his lunch to intervene as Philip makes his exit.

At Basic Black, Chloe wants an explanation. Brady explains how Kristen was caught trying to kidnap Rachel, who has subsequently asking a lot of questions. He went to Marlena for advice and she told him to ravage Chloe on a conference table at Basic Black. Chloe is confused that Dr. Marlena Evans told Brady to throw her down and have sex.

Brady tries to explain his actions when Chloe explains the conference table has seen a lot of action. She says that one of their employees admitted to laying pipe on that very table. Shockingly, Brady figures it out and realizes it was Nicole.

Chloe confirms Brady’s suspicions without actually saying anything. Brady of course, has it wrong. He thinks Nicole slept with EJ. Brady picks up the phone to confront EJ when Chloe spritzes him with a water bottle like he is a cat. She tells him it was Rafe.

Chloe says Nicole is sure Rafe is done with Ava… besides, it’s none of their business. She wants him to forget what she said. It has to be their secret.

Brady and Chloe move on to talking about Philip. Chloe says Philips seems cool with them as they ate a solid dinner and enjoyed each other’s company.

At the penthouse, Ben defends Susan by saying she’s just trying to help. MarDevil thinks the whole situation is ridiculous. Ben doubles down and says Susan helped him find Ciara when no one else believed her. MarDevil thinks Ben should pay Susan no mind. He’s sticking with Susan since it feeds into his worries about being a father. He’s freaked out and needs her help. MarDevil is thrilled that Ben sought her out. She will take care of Susan.

Meanwhile, Susan is feeling up Ciara’s belly again. She can’t quite get a read on Ciara’s fetus. Ciara really wants to know who the threat to her baby is. Susan explains that her visions come when they are good and ready.

Susan tries to relax so she can focus in on the EVIL ,EVIL, EVIL! Ciara watches intensely as Susan tries to focus on her psychic powers. She sees someone who claims to care about people but doesn’t. OMG, Ciara thinks she knows who it is.

Ciara fetches a picture of Clyde for Susan to examine. She thinks Clyde looks MEAN, MEAN, MEAN… but doesn’t think he is the source of evil. Susan wants to try touching Ciara’s belly one more time. She feels it . . . an overpowering EVIL! Enter MarDevil and Ben.

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MarDevil demands Susan take her hands off Ciara’s belly or she won’t be breathing much longer. Susan thinks Dr. Marlena Evans is the one to help them solve their evil riddle.

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MarDevil says that Ben and Ciara need to remain calm and cool because their baby is all that matters. Susan doubles down and says she know what she saw and felt. MarDevil counters by saying that Susan’s foolishness to stop. She wants Ben and Ciara to comfort one another whilst she takes Susan outside . . . NOW!

Back at the Salem PD, Nicole isn’t nearly as suspect as Rafe, since she saw undead Deimos. Rafe explains that Tripp also claims to have seen an undead Charlie.

Nicole is freaked out and she and Rafe go over all the details. She wonders how everyone’s story is actually going to be verified.

Side Note: I hope Ava goes absolutely insane on Rafe’s unbelieving ass.

Side Note #2: Of course, Rafe should have thought Ava was lying. However, he was boning Nicole whilst his GIRLFRIEND was in custody. BEAT. HIS. ASS, AVA!!!

Nicole thinks their conference table boning was a mistake. Rafe isn’t so sure. He thinks staying away from her has been hell. Rafe knows that their sexy time is exactly what he’s been wanting.

Nicole thinks Rafe would never have laid pipe if he’d had more faith in Ava’s words about undead Charlie. Rafe says it’s not about Ava, he is brutally rebuffed by Nicole. She was desperate and afraid, but Rafe was otherwise occupied.

Rafe grabs Nicole’s hands and says she needed him, too. Unfortunately, Nicole uncovers that Ava tried to call Rafe mid-pipe laying. Further, Rafe has lied to Ava about his location during her time of need. Rafe wants to tell Ava, but Nicole commands him to stop.

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Ben and Ciara discussing Susan’s premonitions. Ciara explains about Clyde’s pictures and how Susan doesn’t think Clyde is the source of evil.

At the penthouse, MarDevil scolds Susan for putting Ben and Ciara through hell. She wants Susan to stay away from them. Susan bows up on MarDevil and asks her what the heck she knows. MarDevil is none too happy, but Susan continues. She feels things and sees things like no one else . . . and she senses EVIL!

Across town, Kate and Lucas continue lunch. She scolds Lucas for not having her back when trying to convince Lucas that Chloe Lane is a “lying, cheating, little slut.” She goes on to say that Brady never really denied that anything happened with Chloe. Lucas counters by saying he wants to see the best in Chloe. Kate is not amused. She thinks Lucas is a bonehead.

Kate goes on to remind Lucas how humiliated he was when Chloe screwed him over the last time.

Side Note: That’s not what really happened, but I love to watch an indignant Kate.

Lucas counters by wondering if Kate remembers how much she hurt everyone by sleeping with Jack Deveraux whilst Jennifer Rose was in a coma? She does, actually, and reminds Lucas about his recent dalliance with Samantha Gene. She thinks “ex equals sex.”

At Basic Black, Brady hopes Philip has actually gotten control of his emotions. He would lose his mind if he thought Brady and Chloe had sex . . . enter a pained Philip listening at the door.

Chloe wants to stop talking about Philip and gets Brady to promise he won’t tell anyone about the sex on the conference table. Of course, they don’t use names and Philip assumes Brady and Chloe got nasty on the conference table.

At the Salem PD, Nicole is all but demanding that Rafe will break Ava’s heart if he tells her the truth. She doesn’t want him to lie, only to omit the truth.

Side Note: Dear Nicole, how well has the lie of omission worked for you in the past?

Nicole tells Rafe they have to forget about their conference table sex. Rafe is so not down with that idea. Nicole starts to cry and exits.

At the penthouse, Susan tries to reason with MarDevil by saying they both care for Ben and Ciara. She wants them to work together. MarDevil is none too happy. She has been managing just fine without Susan’s help . . . maybe she should go back to Memphis. Susan isn’t going anywhere and goes to leave. Just then, MarDevil grabs her. Susan begins to shake, turns around, and says, “It’s you!”

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