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Environmental Photographer Joel Sartore Talks Upcoming General Hospital Appearance

In a collaboration between General Hospital and National Geographic, environmental photographer Joel Sartore will appear on an upcoming episode of the soap as himself. The fictional Jerome Gallery will feature an exhibition of his real-life work. 

Sartore spoke to TV Insider about bringing his work on Project Ark, in which he aims to document every animal species in sanctuaries and zoos to educate and inspire others to help wildlife, to Port Charles.

How did the guest spot come about? The photographer explained:

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Frank Valentini [executive producer of GH] really liked the photos I’d taken. He’s ordered a number of prints over the years. A few months ago, he offered to help get the word out there about Photo Ark. This all led to him offering a chance to showcase the work [I’ve shot] on General Hospital in the Jerome Gallery.

He added:

We’re doing an exhibition on the show with some giant prints. I was the guest of honor at the opening, and I tell the guests at the gallery what our goals are. It was really just a lovely experience and, hopefully, a chance to reach a new audience. There are already quite a few people who know about it, but it may be new to GH viewers.

Sartore filmed scenes with the likes of Maura West (Ava) and Sydney Mikayla (Trina). What was it like getting in front of the camera? He explained:

Everyone there was extremely supportive. They applauded when I shot my last scene, and they all helped me with the lines. They made me feel better. Sydney helped record a PSA for us.