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Days of Our Lives Recap: MarDevil Changes Susan From a Problem to a Pussycat

Days of Our Lives Recap For November 10, 2021
Dr. Marlena Evans, Kristen DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Deidre Hall, Stacy Haiduk

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Paulina offering to “fluff Abe’s pillows.” She’s trying her best to be accommodating, and Abe wonders if something is wrong. Paulina is worried about him, but Abe says he’s fine. Paulina thinks they should postpone the wedding.

Flashback: Marlena telling Paulina that her secrets should give her pause about the wedding.

Meanwhile, Lani is wondering why Paulina asked her to be her matron of honor. Theo just wants to know what kind of chips she wants. Lani is less than amused. She just doesn’t get why she would choose her over Chanel.

Chanel is in Horton Square annoyed that Johnny has left her waiting. He says that he got caught up over a possible tip. He had cake with them and looked at their wedding pictures. Johnny thinks his empathy is what makes him a good director. Also, he has a gift for Chanel.

At Chez Weston, Ciara thinks Ben is being too trusting of Susan. Ben thinks it doesn’t change the fact that she sees evil around their upcoming child.

At the penthouse, Susan is going at it about Ben and Ciara. MarDevil is done with Susan’s foolishness. She wants Susan to go back to Roger in Memphis. Susan refuses. She wants to protect baby Weston. MarDevil grabs her, Susan turns, and says, “It’s you. You’re the evil presence!”

Like sands through the hour glass . . . 

In Horton Square, Chanel wonders what Johnny means by getting serious. He presents her with the costume and props she will need to embody Celeste. Chanel doesn’t take him seriously, but Johnny says she needs to take all of Celeste’s idiosyncrasies seriously.

At Chez Weston, Ciara is unconvinced of Susan’s visions. Who is this person who wants to harm the future baby Weston? She understands why Ben trusts Susan, but maybe not so much this time. Ben explains how much Susan and her visions helped him to find her. Just then, a knock on the door. It’s Belle and Shawn Douglas. They have arrived to celebrate her impending blessed event. Shawn Douglas immediately notices something is off. Ciara tries to explain rationally, but then dives into Susan Banks: The mini-series.

Belle thinks Ben and Ciara should show Susan the door. Ben tries to explain why he trusts Susan. A self-righteous Shawn Douglas says Susan’s visions are vague and she can make up anything to demonstrate she is correct. An also self-righteous Belle won’t listen and agrees with Shawn D. At this point, even Ciara is cutting for Susan. Ben is annoyed and wants them to hush up.

To distract from self-righteousness, Ben grabs drinks so they can toast to the new baby. They all drink to how good Ben and Ciara will be as parents. Belle explains she knows a bit about what Ciara might be going through.

Across town, MarDevil tries to talk Susan down. How could she possibly think Dr. Marlena Evans is an evil presence? How could she say these things to a friend? Susan says that she is not actually Dr. Marlena Evans. She is the devil incarnate. MarDevil wants Susan to calm down. Susan thinks MarDevil isn’t even a person, but just a thing. Just then, MarDevil reveals herself to a freaked out, but satisfied Susan. MarDevil has dealt with psychic issues before and is not here for Susan’s BS.

Susan rushes to pull something out of her purse . . . it’s a gigantic cross. MarDevil is totally amused. Why is she carrying a cross? Susan said it was because of Ivan and Vivian!

Side Note: I miss Vivian and Ivan.

MarDevil thinks Susan is just dumb. She should never take on the Devil. She knocks Susan out with the cross, and suddenly, Paulina has come a knocking.

Over at University Hospital, Paulina doesn’t understand how Abe could think she doesn’t want to get married. Abe explains that nothing could stop him from marrying her. Next week, they will stand up in front of God and everyone to tie the knot. Abe wants to be married to Paulina for a very long time.

In the lobby, Theo offers to go talk to Chanel. Theo is so happy that they are brother and sister. Nothing could ever change that.

Lani goes in to see Abe arguing about an unhealthy sandwich he wants to inhale. Lani is done talking about food. Has Abe heard from Brandon? Nope. He is on safari with Celeste.

Side Note: Celeste!

Lani can’t even imagine Brandon and Celeste as friends. She goes on to wonder how Auntie P. and Celeste will actually get along.

They begin to discuss the wedding and Abe tells Lani how concerned he is about Paulina’s current state of mind.

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Meanwhile, Chanel has put on her Celeste wig and is running lines with Johnny, who is not really paying attention. They are now both using very interesting accents. As Chanel continues, Theo arrives and is quite amused at seeing his grandmother being portrayed by his former girlfriend.

Johnny pops up, excited to see Theo. He comments that Chanel will be great once she actually learns the Creole accent.

Side Note: Thanks, Theo!

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More importantly, Theo wants Chanel to talk to Lani about he wedding.

At the penthouse, MarDevil opens the door and Paulina goes right into how she needs to keep her secret. MarDevil thinks if she doesn’t tell Abe, her marriage will be DOOMED!

Side Note: I miss Celeste.

Paulina is so concerned about Theo and Lani, and their relationship. Just then, Susan groans. MarDevil acts as if she knows not of what Paulina speaks. She investigates and finds Susan on the ground. What have we here? MarDevil bends down and picks up a BLACK CAT and introduces it as SUSAN!

Side Note: Paulina said she had never seen buckteeth on a cat before!

Back at University Hospitals, Chanel gets off the elevator and gives Lani the Sweet Treats she brought for Abe. Chanel is actually there to see Lani. She tells her that everything is good. Lani tries to explain how Paulina asked her to be her matron of honor but then stumbles into a description of how weird Paulina is acting.

Flashback: Chanel tells Paulina how much it hurts she chose Lani to be her matron of honor.

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Belle and Shawn Douglas alone at Chez Weston. Apparently, Belle suggested a new mother book and they ran off to get it.

Side Note: I wonder if a scene was cut.

Belle thinks they should go see Marlena to find out where things stand with Susan.

At the penthouse, MarDevil continues to pet a belligerent Kitty Susan whilst Paulina says she is going to keep her secret and makes her exit. MarDevil goes back to attending to Kitty Susan.

MarDevil decides life is more simple with Kitty Susan rather than Human Susan. Just then, Belle and Shawn Douglas arrive. They wonder where Susan is and why Marlena is holding a cat. She explains that she found the cat in the hallway and tries to make her exit. Unfortunately, MarDevil has been blocked by the self-righteous duo.

In the lobby of University Hospital, Chanel is back to being annoyed with Paulina because she made a special trip to ask Lani to be her matron of honor which means it wasn’t so spur of the moment. 

Lani makes her exit just as Paulina arrives. She wonders what Chanel is doing there. She doesn’t have to wonder for long as Chanel makes her exit.

In Horton Square, Theo and Johnny are playing cards and discussing their mutual connection to Chanel. Theo isn’t upset by Johnny and Chanel… however, he would be annoyed seeing Ben and Ciara…

Side Note: Can you guess what happens next?

Enter Ben and Ciara… They all awkwardly greet each other. Theo explains that he’s there to tend to his father and attend his wedding… which will take place if someone doesn’t kidnap the bride.

Side Note: Theo is being my kind of petty.

Ben offers Abe their best. Ciara explains they just came in town to buy a book. As expected, Ciara drops the book and Theo picks it up - somewhat perplexed by its newborn focus.

At the penthouse, MarDevil wants to take Kitty Susan to the shelter. Belle is concerned that the kitty will be put down. MarDevil basically says, “them’s the breaks” and leaves a stunned (yet self-righteous) Belle and Shawn Douglas in her wake.