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Perkie's Observations: Scotty Schmoozes Ava For Intel on Liesl on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap For November 11, 2021
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Scott Baldwin, General Hospital

Kin Shriner

On today's General Hospital recap: The Savoy is hopping with customers and Curtis thanks Linc for allowing his act to perform. Carly asks if Curtis has an issue with her being at the club, but he's fine with it. Carly promises the issues with Joey are over.

Chase tells Brook Lynn he's working private security at the club while he's riding a desk at the station. Chase mentions questioning Maxie about Louise's kidnapping and tells Brook Lynn to convince Maxie to talk to him. Brook Lynn is upset when Linc gets in her face, but Chase is quick to warn him off. Curtis checks in with Chase, who explains the history between Linc and Brook Lynn. Curtis apologizes to Brook Lynn. Curtis tells Portia and feels Linc's presence today is not a coincidence.

Liz and Finn head to the club. Portia talks to Liz about whether she's ready to move on from Franco. Portia says there is no timetable for grief and if Liz doesn't feel ready, she should go home. Liz decides to stay and promises Finn she's happy where she is.

As Cameron looks at his one lonely condom from Grandpa Scotty, Josslyn opens her purse to find a whole bunch. Apparently Josslyn was planning on getting very, very busy tonight! The two watch a movie and Josslyn brings up the issue of Esme and going away for a weekend. Cameron isn't interested in talking about Esme and the two start making out on the couch. Josslyn is hesitant and Cameron figures she isn't ready to do this. Josslyn feels badly that she's putting on the brakes, but Cameron says they should wait until it's right.

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Nina talks to Sonny that she's worried about going to prison. Nina tells him that he will have to take the stand to testify against her. Sonny tells her not to worry about "what ifs," since she can't change anything.

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Nina's happy that Phyllis is staying in town, though she won't see much of her since she's going to stay away from Charlie's. Nina explains to Sonny the rules are to stay away from him, which includes Charlie's. Sonny says he's fine with Nina spending time with Phyllis, but warns her to stay away from Carly, Michael, and Wiley.

Austin pays Valentin a visit to complain about the Quartermaines . . . Brook Lynn in particular. Austin claims Brook Lynn played Valentin and now he needs to talk to Gladys, who has info on Brook Lynn. Austin tells Valentin that Gladys believes Brook Lynn is pulling a scam on him.

A drunken Scotty heads to the gallery to complain to Ava that Liesl hasn't been found yet. Scotty says he badgered Britt and now she's missing as well. Scotty admits he's in love with Liesl and failed to protect her.

Ava says the WSB captured someone in Greece who claims to have a lead on Peter. Scotty says no one has updated him and begs to know who this man is. Ava admits it's Victor. Scotty realizes Nikolas is protecting Victor and Ava is protecting Nikolas. Ava realizes Scotty isn't drunk and he played her for information.

Scotty meets with Nina to talk about their courtroom strategy. He wants to use Wiley, but Nina refuses. She's certain the new and improved Sonny won't be hard on her in court.

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