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Perkie's Observations: Trina Warns Josslyn to Move Slowly With Cameron on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap For November 10, 2021
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Trina Robison, General Hospital

Sydney Mikayla

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis worries when his live band cancels their gig and he has no one to replace them. Portia overhears him confiding in N'neka, and tells Curtis a patient of hers is part of a band and is willing to play at The Savoy. Portia gets a call that her band is backing out and tells Curtis that they overheard about the mob element. Curtis is concerned he won't be able to book any live acts.

Brook Lynn's former agent Linc, who's been hanging around listening to everything, offers to have one of his guys play. Later, it turns out Linc was working for Marshall.

Sam tells Maxie about Alexis' release and her trip to Crete. Sam tells her Dante was with her. Maxie asks if she and Dante are an item, and Sam admits they might have a future together. Sam wonders if Maxie's upset since Dante used to be married to Lulu, but Maxie reassures her. Later, Maxie checks in with Dante, who admits it hasn't been easy moving on from Lulu to Sam.

Alexis bumps into Dante at the hospital and lets him know she's been pardoned. She's concerned she didn't serve her sentence, but Dante says she took responsibility and absolves her.

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Nina runs into Shawn at Charlie's and the two make small talk about their new lot in life. Sonny and Phyllis head to Charlie's and says he needs someone to manage it.

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Sonny spots Shawn and the two share a hug. Phyllis tells Nina about the job offer and Nina pushes her, so Phyllis agrees to take the position.

Josslyn tells Trina that she and Cameron are spending the night together. Trina's surprised, thinking they were going to go slowly. Josslyn says they haven't had the opportunity and Trina pushes for information. She asks why things have to happen now. Trina feels Josslyn is being impulsive, so Josslyn explains about the camping trip. Trina tells her to do what's right not to be pushed into anything.

Nikolas runs into Trina and questions what she told Spencer. She admits she told Spencer to grow up. Nikolas says Trina is a positive influence on Spencer and hopes he continues to listen to her.

The Webber boys and Violet wish Liz a happy birthday. Nikolas drops in, as does Scotty, who wants information on Liesl's whereabouts. Nikolas claims to know nothing of what's going on in Greece.

Scotty notices Cameron is distracted. He admits he misses Franco and his advice. Scotty offers to listen anytime. Scotty figures out why Cameron is so jumpy. When he leaves, he hands Cameron a condom. (I'm not sure how I feel about Scotty walking around town with condoms in his pocket!!)

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