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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava Reminds Melinda Who She Is

Days of Our Lives Recap For November 11, 2021
Ava Vitali, Days of Our Lives

Tamara Braun

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Philip drinking In the Kiriakis living room. 

Flashback to yesterday: Philip overhears Brady and Chloe talking about possible conference room sex. 

Philip throws hardware against the wall. 

Cut to Chloe and Brady at Basic Black talking about the ridiculousness of Nicole and Rafe sex on a table whilst Chloe continues to clean said table.

Side Note: Chloe cleaning that table continuously is cracking me up. 

At the Salem PD, Gabi continues to be annoyed that she and Jake are still there. Jake tries to explain that Ava told a tale of undead Charlie killing Carmine and how that is not so much far-fetched. Gabi capitulates, but is still annoyed. Enter Melinda . . . she will drop the charges against Jake on one condition.

Like sands through the hour glass . . . 

Back at Basic Black, Chloe continues to clean as Brady tells her that irony exists because Marlena advised him to do with Chloe exactly what she is disinfecting against. Brady goes on to say that Philip is really responsible for all this foolishness. Chloe tries to defend him by explaining that Philip has changed. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor wonders why there is broken barware everywhere. Isn’t it time for Philip to clean up his own messes? Victor explains he had a chat with Melinda. Philip tries to dismiss Victor, but he is brutally rebuffed. 

Victor calls Philip a moron for making a deal with Ava to run GabiChic. He is BITTER that Philip didn’t come to him for advice. He calls Philip a moron and then fires him. 

At the Salem PD, Melinda refuses to discuss terms with Gabi. Jake needs to agree to say under oath that Philip was blackmailing him. That will neutralize Victor. Gabi doesn’t think any offer is worth making an enemy of Victor. Melinda reminds them that this deal doesn’t involve Gabi. Much to Gabi’s chagrin, Jake agrees to the deal. 

Just as Melinda exits, they bring in Ava in handcuffs. Gabi is thrilled. She thinks Jake will be free and Ava will be left to deal with the consequences. 

In Alice Horton’s living room, Abigail comes in to check on Jack. She apologizes for destroying his relationship with Gwen. Jack explains that Gwen begged him to understand why she did what she did. Jack told Gwen he would never understand why she would do that kind of thing. She is no longer welcome in this house. 

Side Note: I wonder if Alice Horton would agree?

Abigail tries to remain calm and explains to Jack that she wasn’t trying to harm Gwen. She was just trying to make things right. Jack is furious that Gwen came up with this vicious lie. 

Side Note: Sadly, Abigail again skates free and pushes off blame on another. 

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Jack can’t stand what Gwen did to Abigail, but is more upset that he was complicit. 

Side Note: I’ve never seen Jack, Jennifer, nor any other Horton so upset for the mess they’ve caused. Just saying.

Jack says he won’t stop loving Gwen. However, he will never ask Abigail, JJ, nor Jennifer Rose to accept her again.

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 At the Salem Inn, Gwen and Xander are enjoying dinner and discussing the events of the past few days. Gwen is despondent about Jack. Xander says that Abigail is no angel, but Gwen feels so badly about the lie she perpetuated that she sides with Jack and Abigail. Xander is having none of Gwen’s foolishness. He loves her and wants to support her, but Gwen now thinks she is not deserving of anyone’s love, including Xander’s. His verbal sacrifice touches a nerve in Gwen and she melts.

Ava is furious that Gabi and Jake are suspect of her story about undead Charlie. Gabi is equally furious that her brother didn’t believe her either. Gabi’s rage calms when she and Jake are released to leave, but Ava is forced to stay behind.

Melinda enters the room and tries to get Ava to sign her statement. She crumbles it up and says she can’t. What Ava told Rafe about undead Charlie wasn’t true. Ava admits to stabbing Carmine. Melinda wants to make sure she understands that Ava is confessing, and Ava confirms it. Melinda pulls out a recorder and asks Ava to recount what actually happened. Carmine wanted Ava’s help. When she refused, Carmine tried to strangle her. In an effort to save her own life, Ava stabbed Carmine. Melinda doesn’t believe a word of it.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Philip is also furious that Victor has interfered in his life. Victor is done with all his children and assures him that Xander is also permanently out. Victor is looking at the positive side. His children are being protected from evil women!

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Ava and Melinda going head to head. Ava reminds her that she doesn’t want to tussle with the Vitali family . . . be happy that Abe’s shooter has been brought to justice and Kristen is behind bars. 

In Alice Horton’s living room Xander has come to talk about Gwen.

Back at the Salem PD, Gwen wants to tussle with Melinda over Xander’s money.

At Chez Hernandez, Ava arrives to find Gabi and Jake all over each other. Gabi wonders what she’s doing there and says Rafe isn’t going to be happy. Ava is in no mood for Gabi and her foolishness. She steps over Carmine’s chalk outline as she heads to the shower. 

Side Note: Not “Gabi Gabster!”

At Basic Black, Chloe helps Brady make a decision about Kristen. She soothed him.

In the woods, Chloe and Philip’s tree looks sad.

Flashback: Philip and Chloe planting the tree.

Philip rips the tree from the ground and sort of screams and hyperventilates at the same time. 

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