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Perkie's Observations: Esme Confronts Trina About Her Connection With Spencer on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 12, 2021
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Esme Prince, General Hospital

Avery Kristen Pohl

On today's General Hospital recap: Spencer tells Sonny he renounced his heritage and his father, but isn't happy working for a living. Sonny says Spencer has to own up to his actions, then figure out where to go from there. Sonny says Spencer broke his trust and it will take awhile to get it back. He says Spencer can't take short cuts and has to work hard.

Chase wants more answers from Maxie and Austin, and to revisit the night Louise was born. Chase and Austin get into it until Maxie breaks it up. Chase pushes, so Austin agrees to go over that night.

Gladys stops in to see Valentin and he tries to get information from her. He questions what Gladys wanted to tell him before, but she says she's worried someone will get hurt. Gladys puts him off, but Valentin warns her not to get on his bad side. Gladys is only willing to tell him not to trust Brook Lynn.

Portia congratulates Curtis for their great night, but he's less than thrilled with Linc's involvement. Curtis thinks the mob is trying to get a foothold into The Savoy. Portia says he can't ask Sonny for protection. Curtis says he'll put a stop to anyone who tries to take what's his. Portia brings up the mystery man and wonders if everything is related.

Curtis meets with Linc to form a partnership and asks about the people he works with. Curtis asks if Linc is working for the mob, but Linc denies it. Curtis shows him a photo of the mystery man, but Linc refuses to talk about him. Just then, Marshall shows up.

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Brook Lynn asks Ned about the upcoming shareholders' meeting. Ned tells her he saw the kiss between Olivia and Robert. Ned believes his marriage is over. Brook Lynn tells Ned that Olivia is scared and he needs to listen to her.

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Olivia and Robert discuss their kiss and how he feels that it means something. Robert thinks Olivia is using the kiss to distract from other issues she's having. Robert says he's a hero in Olivia's eyes, but she says she sees him as her friend.

Olivia complains about Ned and how he's not being a partner to her. Robert believes she's scared. Olivia says Ned doesn't trust or support her. Robert says she's brave and should have Leo checked out, just to be sure. Ned gets home and invites Olivia to the gallery for the exhibit.

Esme stops by the gallery to find out what's going on between Trina and Spencer. Trina says Spencer asked for her advice and made his own decisions. Esme accuses Trina of trying to steal her boyfriend. Trina denies it and tells Esme to take it up with Spencer. Esme suggest that next time Spencer comes to her to turn him away, but Trina refuses.

Chase stops by Valentin's room to ask what he knows about Austin. Valentin mentions Austin being helpful when they were searching around in Pautuk. Chase mentions Brook Lynn was upset by Linc the night before. Valentin mentions how she keeps sneaking away from Yuri, including the night Bailey was born.

Brook Lynn is thrilled to run into Sonny and they catch up. He asks her to bring Bailey to meet him. Gladys interrupts and tries to make nice with Sonny, who's not having it, and leaves.

Brook Lynn questions Gladys, who says she hasn't told Valentin he's not the father. Brook Lynn tells her to keep it that way or Pauly will get mad. Chase overhears some of that and questions who Pauly is. Chase wonders why Brook Lynn is lying about the night Bailey was born. 

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