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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn Evades Chase's Questions on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 15, 2021
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Brook Lynn Quartermaine, General Hospital

Amanda Setton

On today's General Hospital recap: People gather at the gallery for the Joel Sartore exhibit. Trina tells her mother about Spencer's new independence. Spencer congratulates Trina for her hard work.

Gladys complains to Brando and Sasha about Brook Lynn, and how boring her life is, so Sasha offers to take her with them to the gallery exhibit. At the gallery, Gladys comes across Kip, who's working the event.

Chase insists Brook Lynn tell him the truth about the night Bailey was born. Brook Lynn admits she didn't want Valentin to control her and went off by herself to have the baby. Brook Lynn says she was trying to protect the baby.

Curtis questions why Marshall is hanging around and wonders if he's mobbed up. Marshall admits that he's Curtis' father, but Curtis doesn't believe him. Curtis mentions his 3rd birthday present, and Marshall knows what it was. Curtis refuses to accept why his father would have lied about dying and leaving them. Marshall promises Curtis that in time, he'll understand everything.

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Robert and Anna are desperate to find Peter, but Valentin refuses to deal with Victor. Robert says it's not up to him because the WSB is in charge. Robert mentions one of the guards from Cassadine Island, who's in the hospital and is also not giving up any information.

Scotty demands answers about Liesl from Victor in exchange for his legal skills. Robert gets the call that Scotty's at the jail and heads over there. Victor says he hired Scotty as his attorney. Scotty throws his weight around until Robert has no choice but to make the deal.

Valentin tries to get information from the guard, who says he's not working for Victor anymore. After manipulations, he tells Valentin and Anna that Peter is still on Cassadine Island.

Nikolas and Ava overhear Portia on the phone with the hospital, getting an update on the patient from Crete. Ava questions Nikolas, worried about possible Cassadine darkness coming their way. Nikolas reassures her that Victor isn't a threat.
The deal goes through for Victor so Scotty demands to know where Liesl is, but Victor double crosses him. 

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