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Days of Our Lives Recap: Devil Kristen Uses Memories of Love and Lust to Seduce John

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 15, 2021
Kristen DiMera, John Black, Days of Our Lives

Eileen Davidson, Drake Hogestyn

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Nicole waking up from a winter’s nap and remembering conference table sex with Rafe. A knock at the door reveals EJ. 

At the Salem PD, Kristen explains to how Gwen she needs some assistance busting out. If she refuses, Kristen will turn her life upside down. 

In the DiMera crypt, Satanic Susan is threatening to tear John's love with Dr. Marlena Evans apart, and she morphs into the OG Kristen. John looks like she might be pretty HARD to resist. Who else could lead him right into temptation? 

Like sands through the hour glass . . . 

John thinks Kristen is just another one of Lucifer’s tricks. Devil Kristen is offended. She tells him he can see her, hear her, and even touch her - and then backs that ass up. Marlena awakens and is horrified by what she sees.

Marlena hopes John realizes that OG Kristen isn’t real. Devil Kristen just wants Marlena to shut up. John and Marlena get all John and Marlena while Kristen finds the whole situation nauseating - if slightly arousing as she never stops rubbing all over John. Devil Kristen wants to banish Marlena and tells them to say goodbye to each other. 

Devil Kristen chains Marlena to a wall and explains that she is going to seduce John which will break the bonds of their love. Once that happens, Marlena will never be strong enough to kick Satan to the curb.

Side Note: EILEEN TO THE DAMN DAVIDSON is doing her seductive Kristen/taunting Marlena thing up right! 

Before Devil Kristen leaves, she explains that John is going to enjoy every minute of betraying Marlena, and it’s just a shame she won’t be able to see it. 

Devil Kristen begins to kiss and paw John while he says out loud, “She’s not Kristen, she’s not Kristen!” She explains she is John’s Kristen. The one he ached for when she was married to Tony and the one who saved Belle from that “STUPID, INSIPID, Sami.”



Devil Kristen nuzzles John’s neck in order to jog his . . . memory. 

At Chez Walker, Nicole says EJ should have called. It’s time for her to go night night. EJ didn’t just bring food, but also her favorite ice cream.

Whilst eating ice cream, Nicole reviews EJ’s recent history of death, rejuvenation, and indolence. Oh yeah, and his dissolved marriage. Nicole isn’t so sure he is done with Samantha Gene. EJ thinks it’s interesting they are both moving on from disastrous marriages to the Brady twins - cue a hardcore kiss.  

EJ begins to disrobe Nicole and says he can be quiet so as not to awaken Holly and/or Allie. Nicole seems to remember a much noisier EJ. Nicole gets into it and then pushes him away. She doesn’t want to feel more like a “slut” than she already does. 

EJ wonders what the hell is going on? When was the last time she had sex? Nicole spits out that she had sex on Halloween. EJ seems less than thrilled that he has competition. Shockingly, EJ isn’t too bothered. Nicole shouldn’t be so hard on herself . . . that’s his job. 

Nicole becomes a wee vicious and says she doesn’t remember him being so forgiving when Samantha Gene slept with Lucas. EJ thinks she slept with Xander, but then figures out it was Rafe. 

Side Note: I LOVE they didn’t keep this one a secret. 

Nicole explains that on Halloween she thought she saw Deimos Kiriakis at Basic Black. EJ doesn’t understand. He’s dead. Nicole comes back that so was EJ . . . touché!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander enters to welcome back, “His best girl.” 

Side Note: I love Maggie and Xander. 

Maggie playfully scolds him for getting into trouble. Xander offers his condolences about Summer. Xander goes on to ask about Sarah. She texts Maggie occasionally. Apparently, she is happy with Rex. Xander is happy for Sarah because he’s in love. 

Maggie is stunned to learn that Gwen is his beloved. 

Side Note: The tripping over Gwen’s last name made me giggle. 

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Maggie turns into her hardcore self-righteous Horton by going on and on about how she hurt Abigail and Laura. Xander has Gwen’s back, but Maggie is unconvinced. 

Xander reminds Maggie that she believed in him. Can’t she afford Gwen the same courtesy? Maggie reminds him that Sarah saw the good in him first. Xander thinks Sarah never really forgave him for what happened with her baby. Gwen has brought him love again. 

Maggie relents and says maybe she shouldn’t be so hard on Gwen. She reminds Xander that Gwen did do all those horrible things. Xander wants her to put in a good word for Gwen. Maggie reminds Xander just how much betrayal hurts. 

Maggie asks Xander if he is sure Gwen has changed. He is and she relents. She will help him. Xander picks her up and they get all Maggie and Xander. 

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Across town, Kristen explains she would never hurt Xander. She has news that could actually make him happy - the truth about Sarah Horton. Gwen thinks Kristen is unaware of recent events. Kristen explains she is a master of disguise and it wasn’t so much Sarah that broke Xander’s heart. 

Kristen goes on to explain that Sarah is on DiMera Island and Rex is in a remote location with Doctors Without Borders. Every so often, Kristen texts Maggie from Sarah so no one worries. If Gwen doesn’t help Kristen, she’ll tell Xander everything. 

Gwen thinks Kristen is playing games. Kristen wonders if Gwen likes her odds. Kristen urges Gwen to be smart to help spring her. She wonders how in the world she is supposed to do that. Kristen warns her not to wait too long. It will be easier to spring her from the police department than Statesville. 

At the Hernandez House, Rafe is concerned that Ava won’t be able to forgive him. 

Flashback: Nicole and Rafe.

Rafe stumbles and explains that he accused her of going back to the Vitali crime family and sabotaging Gabi. Ava seems to buy his explanation. Rafe says, “I HAVE NO BUSINESS LECTURING ANYBODY.” 

Side Note: Truer words have never been spoken, Rafael. 

Ava and Rafe make out and he pulls away. She thinks it was too much too soon. Rafe agrees it is better to take things slowly. Ava is going to sleep in her room tonight. Rafe seems pleased he won’t be tempted to dip his wick again so soon. 

Outside the crypt, Marlena talks to herself hoping that John will fight for their love.

Inside the crypt, Devil Kristen reminds John how he saved her from a mugging when she first came to town. 

Flashback: John saves Kristen from the mugger with a switchblade. 

John could be her hero again. Kristen continues to paw John and reminds him how much in love they were. John remembers that Kristen saved him from the fire at the Community Center. 

Side Note: These memories of John and Kristen are SOOOOO good. 

Just as it looks like John is giving in, he snaps back and says he will never want anyone but Marlena. Devil Kristen says she can be patient because she’s been around for an eternity . . . literally. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem at Chez Walker. Nicole assures EJ she’s done with Rafe, and he is pleased he doesn't have to discuss that gross situation any further. He makes Nicole promise to call him if she’s is ever tormented by the dead on a pagan holiday again. 

At the Salem Inn, Gwen has returned and is reading a story about Kristen DiMera. Just then, Xander returns with good news. Maggie has agreed to help! Gwen is confused why Sarah’s mother would lift a finger for her. Xander says he believes in her and Maggie and Jack and everyone will too!

Flashback: Kristen telling Gwen that she holds her future in her hands. 

In the crypt, MarDevil has returned and Susan is sitting at John’s feet. Susan is grossed out when she realizes that she was the temporarily the Devil’s host. MarDevil is tickled and Susan rebukes her. 

MarDevil is annoyed and thinks Susan is too irritating to live. Maybe she’ll pay Elvis Jr. a visit, unless Susan stops praying. MarDevil is going to go corrupt more souls and return so John and Devil Kristen can reunite. 

That’s it! What did you think? We want to hear from YOU! 

A shout out to Daytime Confidential’s own Jamey Giddens! Today was his very first-aired show of DAYS. What a way to start! 

Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap.