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Perkie's Observations: Anna Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands and Heads to Greece on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 15, 2021
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Peter tells Britt the island isn't safe anymore and they need to leave. Liesl is brought in and has a brief reunion with Britt. Peter forces Britt and Jason to read a statement warning everyone not to come after him or they'll be killed.

Valentin and Anna are upset that Victor was given a deal because they know Peter is on Cassadine Island. Anna says she's heading to the island without either man. Anna gets the video and shows it to Robert and Valentin. Valentin wants to go, but is still recovering. He tells Anna to take Robert and he'll give them instructions on how to get on the island.

Ava thanks Ned for underwriting the exhibit. Olivia and Leo show up, and Ned manages to get her a meeting with Joel Sartore, which Olivia is grateful for. Brook Lynn is given the task of keeping an eye on Leo.

Gladys confronts Kip. He tries to stay in character, but she sees right through him. Brook Lynn tries to do damage control, but Gladys doesn't believe that either. Gladys wants a controlling interest in Deception in exchange for her silence. Brook Lynn argues with Kip about taking a job in public. While she's distracted, Leo takes off.

Nikolas wants a chance to talk to Spencer, but he's not interested in talking to his father.

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Esme sees Cameron and Trina in a back room and comments about their closeness. Esme and Trina argue about Spencer. Esme tells Spencer he saw them together, but he doesn't believe Trina would betray Josslyn. The two argue about Trina and Spencer tells Esme to back off.

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Nikolas tells Ava that Scotty got Victor released, which worries Ava. Nikolas promises to find out what the immunity deal involved.

Sasha admits to Brando she knows the gender of the baby and tells him to check her email if he wants to know.

Gladys heads to the back room to try to make a call to Valentin. Sasha joins her, looking for a quiet spot. Esme, thinking Trina is in the storage room, locks it from the outside. When the two try to leave, they find the door stuck shut.

Ava gives a speech introducing Joel Sartore and his work. Joel gives his speech, thanking Trina and Ava for putting on the exhibit. Ava introduces Trina, who gives a donation from ELQ to Joel, while Esme fumes from the side.

Peter tells Drew he and Liesl will work their magic to make Maxie fall for him again, and make her believe she belongs to Peter. Peter tells his guard to prepare to leave the island and that Jason won't be going with them. Britt tells Liesl and Peter that Jason will get them out. Jason has the chariot card to disarm Drew.

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