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Sesame Street Debuts Asian American Muppet

Ji-Young, Elmo, Wesley, Sesame Street

A new resident is coming to Sesame StreetJi-Young becomes the first Asian American Muppet to join the cast of the legendary children's program. The seven-year-old Korean American girl loves playing her electric guitar and also skateboarding, according to her bio on Sesame Street's website.

The website says Ji-Young is:

extremely close with her family and is proud of her Korean heritage. She loves playing music with her grandma and cooking her favorite food—tteokbokki. Her family eats dinner together at the kitchen table every night, chatting in both Korean and English.

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Look for Ji-Young to make her debut on Thanksgiving Day in See Us Coming Together: A Sesame Street Special, which will air on HBO Max, Sesame Street social media pages, and local PBS Stations.