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Days of Our Lives Recap: Julie Recruits Belle to Sue Marlena

Days of Our Lives Recap For November 16, 2021
Julie Williams, Days of Our Lives

Susan Seaforth Hayes

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Paulina serving Abe a pound of bacon for breakfast. Paulina assures Abe she can’t wait to become Mrs. Abraham Carver. 

In Alice Horton’s living room, Eli arrives to escort Julie to the wedding, decked out in a hot tux. Julie says she’s not going to the wedding. She’s already given her regrets, besides she’s too focused on Doug. She doesn’t understand why Marlena would keep her from Doug. 

At the penthouse, Belle jumps awake after yet another nightmare about Marlena. She was possessed by the devil again!

Outside Chez Weston, MarDevil receives a call from Stephen Earl. MarDevil listens to the phone ring (for a really long time) before declining it.

Like sands through the hour glass . . . 

Back at Abe and Paulina’s breakfast, Abe is feeling no pain, but a natural high of love. Just then, Paulina begins to sneeze. Does she have a cold?

Paulina refuses to be sick on her wedding day, but keeps sneezing. She thinks she is allergic to Marlena’s cat, Susan. Abe looks suspect. Paulina explains, but Abe doesn’t understand why she would possibly go there. 

Flashback: Paulina telling Marlena she isn’t willing to reveal her secret before the wedding. 

In Horton Square, Johnny is confused why Chanel doesn’t want to go to the wedding. Chanel explains that it is all about Lani. Chanel is done with her mama and her lies. She explains everything to Johnny and he is astounded that Paulina did what she did. 

Chanel thinks her mama loves Lani more than her. Johnny tries to convince her otherwise however, that doesn’t stop Chanel ,who is clearly jealous of her cousin, er, um, sister. Chanel thinks Paulina wishes Lani was her daughter instead of her. 

At Casa de Grant, Theo and Lani are getting ready for the wedding. She’s explaining to him how difficult being a parent is, which leads him to thinking about Ciara. Theo recounts seeing Ben and Ciara in the square and how awkward it was. Theo tells Lani the happy couple is pregnant. 

Theo doesn’t get how his life turned upside down so fast. He just wanted Ciara to be happy. Theo changes the topic and asked how Lani’s talk with Chanel went. Lani thinks it went fine, and wants to make sure nothing upsets Abe and Paulina’s perfect wedding day. They embrace cuz they love each other. 

At Chez Weston, Ben and Ciara are curious about who is going to hurt their child. MarDevil admits that Susan thinks the devil is after their child.

MarDevil explains to Ben and Ciara that Susan recently watched Rosemary’s Baby and that’s probably her damage. MarDevil thinks a movie influencing real life is just ridiculous. 

MarDevil tells Ben and Ciara that Susan has returned to Memphis and their pregnancy is now smooth sailing. She touches Ciara’s belly, which clearly makes her uncomfortable. 

Ciara says the baby seemed to kick. Ben assures her it will be weeks before the baby is able to kick. MarDevil thinks the baby is just excited to meet her. MarDevil makes her exit to go officiate Abe and Paulina’s wedding. 

Just as the happy couple begins to celebrate, Theo arrives. He was on his way to the wedding and wanted to swing by. Theo came to apologize because he wasn’t terribly gracious when Ciara said they were having a baby. 

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Side Note: While I appreciate Theo’s sentiments, I’m not sure he is the one who owes anyone an apology. 

At the penthouse, Belle is explaining how, in her dream, Marlena was Samantha Gene’s executioner and she also wanted to kill that weird cat. Belle is suspicious that Marlena is acting weird, mostly because John is gone. Shawn Douglas is ready to eat breakfast and, other things.

Belle and Shawn wonder why the cross is on the floor. Just then, Belle’s phone rings. She’s got a new case. Shawn and Belle exit the penthouse. 

In Alice Horton’s living room, Julie is indignant about Marlena stopping her from seeing Doug. Eli promises to help her tomorrow. 

Julie is grateful to Eli ,but knows he has other priorities. Indeed, he needs to pick up Big Mama Price at the airport. Julie doesn’t want him to leave empty handed and gives him a golden key to the city to give Paulina. It’s from the old first lady of Salem to the new one. Julie believes Paulina is a good woman at heart and also good for Abe. 

Julie wants to make it real clear to Eli the golden key is Paulina’s something borrowed - not for her to keep. Eli makes his exit as Julie relives weddings of Salem’s past. She is furious that Marlena has Doug trapped at Bayview. Everybody beware, Julie has an idea. 

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At the penthouse, Belle and Shawn Douglas wonder where Marlena is. Just then, Shawn spots the cross MarDevil used to knock out Susan. 

Across town, Lani has come to Auntie P to get ready for the wedding. Paulina is anxious because they need to get started! Abe makes his exit to get himself ready and leaves them alone. Lani is thrilled that Abe is well enough to get married. Paulina just thinks she is the luckiest woman in the world, not only to marry Abe, but to have Lani standing up for her.

In Horton Square, MarDevil ignores a call from Eli when Johnny approaches. She wants to sample something yummy and decadent from Sweet Bits. Chanel wants her to sample angel food cake. MarDevil would rather have DEATH . . . BY CHOCOLATE!

MarDevil recognizes Chanel as Paulina’s daughter. She is clearly distressed and MarDevil wants to take a listen. Johnny gets a call that sends him on his way. MarDevil is happy to stay and keep Chanel company. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Ciara and Ben being oh so thankful for Theo’s kindness. Theo has to get going because the wedding is soon. Ciara and Theo hug. 

MarDevil leaves and Ciara opens her gift. She’s given them what appears to be a guardian angel. The note says that their baby is destined to great things, and then the necklace turns red. 

Across town, Paulina is getting ready whilst Lani says that her mother and Paulina are SO BEAUTIFUL. Paulina can’t imagine anything more perfect than being flanked by Lani and Chanel. Lani assures Paulina that Chanel is just fine. 

In Horton Square, MarDevil encourages Chanel to tell her more about her troubles with Paulina. MarDevil assures Chanel she should trust her instincts about Paulina. MarDevil knows there is a reason she treats Lani differently. Chanel wonders if she knows what that is. . . she does! 

MarDevil tells Chanel she can’t break doctor patient confidentiality - it’s a cardinal sin! Chanel BEGS her to tell why Paulina chose Lani over her. MarDevil hates to see her suffering.


Quickly, MarDevil changes her tune and tells Chanel that Lani is Paulina’s daughter. 

In Alice Horton’s living room, Belle arrives and wonders what she can do for Julie. She wants Belle to sue Marlena. 

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