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Perkie's Observations: Carly Finds It Difficult to Swallow Her Anger About Nina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 17, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Olivia calls Dante asking for his help to find Leo, who's vanished from the gallery. Ava offers to check security cameras and spots Leo heading toward the harbor. Ned and Olivia find him lying on the pier looking for an octopus. Olivia chastises him for taking off and scaring everyone.

Ned says he's been reading about autism and many kids feel the need to surround themselves with water, which is why he thought Leo would head to the docks. Olivia admits she's scared.

Sasha's water breaks while Gladys keeps trying to open the stuck door. Brando finally hears them yelling. He removes the wedge and lets them out. Gladys thinks Brook Lynn locked them in. Brando takes Sasha to the hospital.

Gladys is there to calm Brando as he gets nervous while waiting on Sasha to be checked out. She asks about the wedge to the door and Brando agrees it was deliberately put there, but figures whoever it was didn't know anyone was in the room.

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Carly's thrilled to see Phyllis behind the bar at Charlie's. She wants to get to know Phyllis a little better. Phyllis talks to Carly about Sonny's time as their bartender. Carly brings up Nina, knowing about Sonny, and how she lied to them. Carly says she can't let it go and is filled with rage. Phyllis wonders if the anger is worth Carly's energy. Carly's upset she doesn't know the Sonny who was Mike for nine months. Phyllis says Sonny and Nina are moving forward and Carly should as well.

Alexis runs into Sonny and apologizes for what she did to Dante. Alexis admits it's been tough getting back into normal society, but hopes things improve. Sonny is certain she'll find her way. Alexis talks about him forgetting everything and how it would have been a clean slate. Sonny disagrees, saying it meant he forgot everyone, including his loved ones.

Maxie wants to talk to Austin since she feels he's angry with her. Austin promises not to be nasty about Brook Lynn in front of her. Maxie warns him away from Gladys and Austin wonders why. Maxie wants him to back away from Brook Lynn as well, and Austin wonders if they're in trouble.

Brook Lynn calls Gladys with an offer, but Gladys says it's too late and accuses Brook Lynn of going too far.

Willow and Wiley run into Nina in the park, and Willow offers to let her join them for hot chocolate. Willow says she agrees with Michael, but says she won't make Wiley pay for Nina's actions. Nina apologizes for causing any pain. Willow's not ready to hear an apology. Nina thanks Willow for allowing her time with Wiley and hugs him as Carly walks up. 

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