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WATCH: Meghan Markle Reminisces About Auditions on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (VIDEO)

Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex

The Duchess of Sussex (née Meghan Markle) is set to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow, November 18. The surprise announcement was teased with a promo clip of the Duchess' chat with Ellen DeGeneres, Deadline reported.

In the brief video, DeGeneres noted that former actress Markle used to frequently audition at the Warner Bros. lot where her chatfest is filmed. The Duchess recalled with a laugh:

And what was so nice was, the security guards here would always say, 'Break a leg. I hope you get it!' So the drive in today was very different.

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The Duchess also reminisced about the Ford Explorer Sport she used to drive to those auditions. She mused:

So at a certain point the key stopped working on the driver’s side, so you couldn’t get yourself in through the door. So after auditions I would park at the back of the parking lot and I would open the trunk and then climb in and then pull it shut behind me and then crawl over all my seats to get out. That’s how I would come to and fro.

Watch the clip below, and check your local listings for The Ellen DeGeneres Show air times for tomorrow's interview.