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Days of Our Lives Recap: MarDevil Manipulates Chanel Into Disrupting Abe and Paulina’s Wedding

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 17, 2021
Raven Bowens

Raven Bowens

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Kate and Roman talking about Abe’s wedding. Roman thinks Kate is sooooo beautiful. 

Side Note: Kate and Roman flirting is kind of adorable. 

At University Hospital, a gussied up Stephen Earl has come to pick up Kayla. Unfortunately, she can’t make it. An emergency surgery needs attention, which is problematic when you are the only doctor. 

In Horton Square, Chanel is FREAKING OUT that Lani is actually her sister. 

Across town, Lani is confronting Paulina about why she was asked to be her matron of honor. Paulina looks quite distressed and admits she lied. 

Like sands through the hour glass . . .

Abe and Theo are discussing his attire. Theo hates his cane and fetches him a surprise. He returns with a tricked out cane. Theo and Lani collaborated on it and want him to use it at the wedding.

Across town, Lani is surprised that Paulina lied especially after everything that went down with Pricetown. 

Paulina explains that Chanel put her on the spot and she just blurted out a lie. She goes on to explain that Chanel isn’t as tough as Lani thinks. Lani wonders why she was asked to be her matron of honor and not her own daughter. 

Paulina chose Lani because she wants her to know how special she is. Paulina is trying to make up for all the times she let her down when she was a child. They embrace and Paulina seems relieved she talked her way out of that particular situation. 

In Horton Square, MarDevil is explaining all the grizzly details of Lani’s conception to a very perplexed Chanel. She thinks it all makes sense. Paulina has been lying to her all her life - which explains why Paulina treats her differently from Lani. Chanel goes on to explain that everything changed in their relationship when they came to Salem. MarDevil is doing her best to make everything worse and is relishing every moment. 

Chanel says when they met up in Salem, they hadn’t seen each other in ages. She thinks Paulina has always loved Lani more than her. Chanel is HOT! 

Chanel does not understand how her mama can marry Abe when she knows what she knows. MarDevil says she did everything she could to convince Paulina to right this particular wrong. She goes on to say that Paulina is never going to tell the truth. Chanel will take care of that. 

MarDevil urges Chanel not to say anything since she is legally bound by confidentiality. Chanel says she won’t reveal her sources, but MarDevil says she must stay silent, and wants to give Chanel a ride to the church. Chanel is having none of it. She doesn’t want to go. Again, CHANEL IS HOT!

At the Brady Pub, Kate heads out when Roman stops her and wonders why they can’t go to the wedding together. Kate doesn’t love the idea, but Roman is very convincing. He thinks they really connected over Abe’s shooting. Kate thinks Roman wants to jump into bed, but he wants more. 

Kate relents and uses their secret word, “Chowder.” Roman is confused and Kate gets frustrated as he doesn’t understand she is finally agreeing to giving them a chance as a couple. They both give in to each other and kiss. 

Big Mama has arrived in Salem and Eli has escorted her to the church. Eli wonders why Tamara isn’t there. 

Flashback: Olivia telling Paulina about why she needs to keep the secret of Lani’s parentage. 

Tamara’s not coming to Paulina’s wedding because of Abe. She’s having some trouble that her ex-boyfriend is marrying her sister. 

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Steve and Kayla are discussing Marlena’s strange behavior at University Hospital. Steve is going to find out what’s going on at the wedding. Specifically, he wants to know where John is. Kayla adds that Marlena has been acting strangely as well. It’s not like her to be so cold. Steve thinks it’s possible that Marlena has been taken over by someone else.

Side Note: Kayla seems confused . . . THIS IS SALEM,SWEETNESS!

Steve thinks Marlena is actually Hattie Adams. Kayla thinks Steve is off on this one. 

Abe and Theo arrive at the chapel and meet up with Olivia and Theo. Abe introduces Theo to Olivia, who doesn’t see his resemblance to his sister Lani. 

MarDevil arrives at the church. She loathes churches. She greets Abe and Theo, and introduces herself to Olivia. Abe reminds her she was Tamara’s roommate in college. Abe goes on to say Marlena will be officiating the ceremony. Olivia isn’t familiar with women performing wedding ceremonies. MarDevil says that folks are more enlightened these days. 

Across town, Eli arrives to give Paulina a gift from Julie - the key to the city bracelet. By the way . . . it’s not a gift . . . it’s borrowed and needs to be returned. 

Side Note: Julie is being shady even when she’s offscreen!

Lani gives Paulina something new. Paulina has the something old - a family locket she treasures. 

Side Note: I wonder whose picture is in the locket.

Just then, Chanel arrives. Eli is going to check on the kids and leaves Lani, Chanel, and Paulina alone with their tension. Chanel tries to smile, but is unconvincing. 

Kate and Roman have arrived at the wedding. MarDevil thinks Kate looks delightful. Roman tells Abe that Kayla can’t make it, but Steve is on his way. Roman adds that he also wants to talk to Marlena. 

MarDevil walks off, pulls out John’s phone, and decides it’s time to send Steven Earl on a wild goose chase. 

Back at the hospital, Steve and Kayla are wrapping up when he gets a call from an unknown number. 

Back at Chez Price, Paulina comes out in her wedding dress. She looks beautiful. Paulina asks Chanel if everything is okay. She says she is tired because she was up all night baking her wedding cake. Chanel quickly recovers and says Paulina looks beautiful. 

Side Note: It bears repeating, CHANEL IS HOT!

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Steve telling Kayla how he has a lead on John. He’s going to call Abe and let him know the bad news. 

At the chapel, Abe informs MarDevil that Steve won’t be coming. She looks thrilled, until she sees the Bible. She hates that book and would really like to burn that thing. 

The wedding begins with Lani walking in. She walks over to Abe and takes her place. Paulina and Chanel enter next. Paulina is thrilled, yet Chanel can barely muster a smile. MarDevil catches Chanel’s eye and gives her a knowing glance. 

MarDevil begins the ceremony and immediately trips over the word, “God.” Here it comes . . . "If anyone knows just cause why these two should not be joined in Holy matrimony, SPEAK NOW!" MarDevil flashes demon eyes at Chanel that seemingly put her into a trance. Paulina wants to get this show on the road, but Chanel stands because she has something to say. MarDevil smiles . . . 

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