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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Stops Brook Lynn In Her Tracks With a Direct Question on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 18, 2021
James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny runs into Brando at the hospital and offers him parental advice. Brando asks Sasha if the baby's middle name can be Mike, after Sonny's father.

Carly accuses Nina of harassing Willow and Wiley, and decides to call the police. Willow stops her and says they innocently ran into each other. Nina says it was an accident, but Carly tells her to leave. Willow steps in and says it's not Carly's decision to make. Carly berates Willow for allowing Nina to have time with Wiley. Willow continues to defend Nina and says Wiley wanted to see his grandmother. Carly says Nina hurt the whole family and Willow should take that into consideration.

Sonny walks up and Nina tells him about the confrontation. She apologizes, but Carly promises Nina she will be sorry. Sonny breaks up the argument. After Nina leaves, Sonny tells Carly she needs to let it go because no one was hurt. Carly says everyone was hurt for nine months and doesn't understand why he doesn't see that.

When the guard comes to kill him, Jason gets the upper hand and turns the tables, disposing of the guard. Jason frees himself and takes the guard's gun.

Britt reassures Liesl that they'll get out of this mess and Jason will break Drew's conditioning, but Liesl says it's up to them to get rid of Peter. Britt says Peter needs both of them in order to brainwash Maxie. Britt tells Liesl to take out Peter, no matter the situation.

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Liesl tells Peter to let Britt go and she'll do what he asks, but Peter doesn't trust her. Jason comes in with guns blazing, but is stopped by Drew before he can take out Peter. Peter gives Drew the kill order and he and Jason fight.

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Liesl grabs the gun, but Peter has his gun on Britt, so she drops it. Peter drags the women off as Jason and Drew continue to fight. Jason finally pulls out the card and gets Drew to stand down. Drew offers to help Jason get rid of Peter. 

Austin wants answers from Maxie. Austin says Gladys is holding something over Brook Lynn's head and figures it has to do with the baby. Maxie accuses Austin of working Chase and getting information from Gladys. Maxie declares he's no longer a friend and tells him to mind his own business.

Gladys interrupts a call to Valentin from Brook Lynn. Gladys tells Valentin that Brook Lynn is lying to him.

Brook Lynn updates Maxie that Gladys knows the truth about Kip, then heads to Valentin's room. Valentin tells Gladys to leave and then asks Brook Lynn why she's being blackmailed and if it has to do with Bailey. Brook Lynn says he can't trust anything Gladys may have said.

Valentin pushes, so Brook Lynn admits she wanted the shares back, but now sees how much he loves Bailey. She says their family is what's important, but he says not if it isn't real. Brook Lynn begs him not to let Gladys ruin something that is working between them. Valentin asks point blank if Bailey is his. 

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