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NATAS Announces Children's and Family Emmy Awards

Children's & Family Emmys


The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) announced Wednesday a new standalone competition, the Children’s & Family Emmy Award. This news marks the first-time expansion since the Sports Emmy Awards and the News & Documentary Emmy Awards were launched in 1979. This comes on the heels of children's and family content growing and NATAS seeing a huge spike in the children's genre, with nearly 300 submissions from last year. 

This also comes a year after NATAS and the Television Academy came to the agreement to have the children's category merged under the purview of NATAS. NATAS has created seven new categories in recent years to assist with the growth in the kindergarten genre, which will be of the categories recognized in the new awards ceremony. Adam Sharp, President and CEO, NATAS said in a released statement:

NATAS has always been a leader in recognizing and celebrating excellence in our industry, and nothing is excelling and expanding more dramatically than the children's and family community. Recent years have seen explosive growth in the quantity and quality of children's and family programming, and now is the perfect time to acknowledge and honor this impactful content with a dedicated competition and celebration.

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Eligibility rules, categories, and the calls for entries will be announced in 2022.