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WATCH: Lil Nas X Brings His Music Video Love Triangle to Maury (VIDEO)

Lil Nas X, Maury

Lil Nas X brought the (musical) drama to Nov. 18's Maury. The superstar appeared in an episode featuring a sensational love triangle; the plotline is based on the events of his music video "That's What I Want."

In the Maury clip, the singer/rapper goes by Montero, his real-life first name. Maury Povich recalls Montero falling for his football teammate Yai Ariza. But, as it turns out, Yai has a secret: he is married to Ashley...and they have a kid!

Does Yai ever talk about his wife and child? Montero tells Maury:

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When we're together, it's always about us. He doesn't love her and he doesn't think that's his child. I want to say this, though. That baby looks nothing like him and it's not his baby. Maury, look at this baby. This baby could be your baby!

Ashley then comes onstage to confront Montero, declaring:

You're a homewrecker!

Yai joins the pair and the drama escalates. But who will he end up with: Montero or Ashley? Is Ashley's baby really Yai's? Watch the clip below to find out!