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Days of Our Lives Recap: Olivia Has MarDevil’s Number

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 18, 2021
Marla Gibbs

Marla Gibbs

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Chanel deciding to speak now instead of forever holding her peace.

In the DiMera tunnels, Susan is banging on the door trying to get anyone to hear her cries. John has one request, “Shut the hell up!”

At the Salem PD, Shawn Douglas and Belle greet one another. She says she is deciding on a new case - whether she takes it or not depends on if she is okay with suing her own mother.

Back at the chapel, Paulina wonders what Chanel has to say. Chanel says she has no words for Paulina, but has a lot to say to Abe and Lani.

Like sands through the hour glass . . .

In the DiMera crypt, Susan wonders if Satan has also possessed John Black. John says that it is simply the sound of Susan’s voice that is possessing him at this point. Susan goes all Susan, and John wonders what she is doing. Susan goes on an on about her being possessed and wonders how that could possibly happen. John realizes she doesn’t remember anything. Susan recounts waking up from a dream about being tormented by hairballs. John thinks she is lucky she didn’t remember, but Susan demands he tell her what happened. John tells her she tried to seduce him.

Susan freaks out because she would never hurt her friend, Dr. Marlena Evans. Susan goes on to wonder what form the devil took to tempt him. John admits it was Kristen. 

Susan wishes she stayed as a kitty cat. John explains that he didn’t actually cheat with Kristen, but says the Devil is not done with Susan yet. 

Susan begins to apologize in advance for ravaging John Black. He looks up and realizes she has hairpins in her hair and she can pick the locks! John will need to walk her through this.

Susan is unsuccessful picking John’s handcuffs so they agree she should try the door.

At the chapel, Paulina thinks Chanel is upset she isn’t her maid of honor. Chanel just shouts out that she’s upset that Lani isn’t her niece, but her daughter. Lani is confused. Paulina demands Chanel sit down. Chanel refuses and continues saying that Lani is her sister. She begins telling the story that MarDevil relayed to her. Paulina calls Chanel out as not telling the truth. Abe wonders who told her this information.

MarDevil stares Chanel down and wordlessly reminds her to not reveal her source.

Flashback: MarDevil telling Chanel she could lose her license to practice medicine if the truth comes out.

Paulina doubles down and says Chanel is lying.

Side Note: Oh, Paulina.

Abe wonders why Chanel would make something like this up. Lani wants the truth. Chanel says she will put her hand on the Bible to make everyone understand she is telling the truth. Paulina doubles down again and demands Chanel reverse course. Just then, Olivia stands up and says Chanel isn’t lying. She will not allow Paulina to bear false witness against both of her daughters in church. She confirms that Lani is, in fact, Paulina’s daughter.

Lani is devastated. Olivia explains that years ago they made a decision as a family. They thought they were doing the right thing. 

Just as Lani realizes Paulina is really her mother, she and Abe both realize he is not her father. Paulina asks Abe to just return to the altar so they can get married. Abe says there will never be a wedding. As Abe exits, Paulina, Lani, and Chanel cry in despair . . . as MarDevil grins with delight.

At the Salem PD, Belle shows Shawn Douglas the papers Marlena made Julie sign that waives her right to legal decision making. Marlena is now Doug’s legal guardian. Belle wouldn’t normally question her mother’s professional judgement, but something odd is going on. 

Back at the chapel, everyone is distraught. Lani thinks her whole life is a lie. She throws her purse to the side as Eli leads her out. 

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Kate tries to comfort Roman, who says that Abe would want to be alone. As they leave, Chanel jumps up to apologize. Roman doesn’t think they are the ones who need an apology. 

Just as Chanel is feeling really awful, Theo gets up to twist the knife. He doesn’t understand how Chanel could be so selfish just because she wasn’t chosen maid of honor. Chanel can’t believe he thinks she would be that petty. 

Theo always thought Chanel was a selfish brat, but he never thought she could be so destructive. MarDevil stands by smiling at the destruction she has caused. Theo wonders what on Earth could have possessed Chanel to do such a thing.

MarDevil walks up and stops Theo from berating her. She explains that Chanel did what she thought was right. MarDevil pushes Chanel to take Olivia home. 

Olivia is having NONE of MarDevil’s directions. She’s no old woman. MarDevil tries to calm the waters. Chanel steps in to walk Olivia out when she turns around and gives MarDevil a very knowing glance. She turns and speaks in her devil voice, and Theo sort of heard it.

Lani is still very confused about what just happened. Eli wonders if there was ever any type of DNA test. Lani says she never questioned Tamara. She is just gutted that Abe isn’t her father. Eli thinks nothing has to change, but Lani isn’t so sure. 

Lani tells Eli about how lonely she was as a child without a father. She thought she had found a family, but now she has nobody. 

Side Note: Poor Eli.

Eli reminds Lani she has a husband and twins. He’s also sure that Abe and Theo will remain as close to her as always. Eli reminds Lani that he grew up with a man who wasn’t actually his father. Eli loved him and  knowing who his father is didn’t change that. 

In Horton Square, Paulina chases Abe down. Abe is furious because she has cost him the most important thing in his life. He tries to explain how important it has been to him to have Lani as his daughter. Paulina never meant to hurt him. Abe thinks if she truly loved him she could have never kept that secret. Paulina tries to explain, but Abe is having NONE OF IT. 

Paulina reminds Abe about her abusive ex-boyfriend. He was Lani’s father. She knew he would latch on to Lani if he knew. Olivia stepped in and made the decision to have Tamara raise Lani. Abe thinks she is pushing off blame, but Paulina sets him straight. 

Side Note: Abe with those tears in his eyes.

Paulina is willing to apologize for the way things happened, but not for the way things turned out. Abe is done listening and makes his exit. Paulina sits in front of Tom and Alice to contemplate her life. 

At the Brady Pub, Kate tells Roman she never trusted Paulina and they recount the story of how they battled for Horton Square. They take a seat and begin to talk about relationships. 

Kate sips a Brady Pubtini while Roman tells her how much he adores her. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Kate thanking Roman for his chowder. Roman is pretty happy there’s going to be more dates. Kate heads out to change clothes just as Abe walks in. They embrace. 

At Chez Grant, Theo arrives to check on Lani. Eli says she left to go confront the truth. 

In Horton Square, Lani walks up on Paulina. 

Across town, Chanel wants to know if Big Mama hates her. Olivia says not if she did what she thought was right. She follows up by asking if it was that head shrinker that led her to blowing up the wedding? Chanel wonders why she is asking? Olivia says she’s been around long enough to know when the devil has somebody’s tongue.

At the Salem PD, Belle is talking to Julie about the case. She’s going to take the case and take her mother to court. 

In the tunnels, Susan is trying hard to pick the lock whilst John Black encourages her. Just then, there’s a click. Susan opens the door and goes to leave, just as MarDevil returns!

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