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Perkie's Observations: Chase Unravels The Mystery of Brook Lynn's Baby on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 19, 2021
Josh Swickard

Josh Swickard

On today's General Hospital recap: Liz tells Dr. Navarro she's concerned about Sasha and the baby. Dr. Navarro says Sasha suffering from placental abruption and she'll need to do an emergency C-section to get the baby out now.

Brook Lynn admits to Valentin he's not Bailey's father. Valentin gets angry and upset, not understanding why Brook Lynn would do this to him and Charlotte. Brook Lynn swears she never meant to hurt him. Valentin accuses Brook Lynn of being a terrible person, but she says there's something she hasn't told him.

Maxie tells Nina her plan to protect Louise is falling apart. Nina is certain that Valentin will be devastated to learn that Bailey isn't his daughter. The two spot Sasha being taken to surgery, and reassure Brando. Brando heads to surgery. Dr. Navarro gets the baby out, but there seems to be something wrong

Carly says Nina needs to face the consequences of her actions, but Sonny feels differently. Carly doesn't understand why Sonny isn't interested in destroying Nina. Sonny says it will affect the man he's become.

Sonny says he can't go back to the way he was before because he changed while he was gone. He says Mike is still part of who he is. He said Nina was the one friend he had in the whole world. Carly pushes, then Sonny backtracks claiming Nina isn't his friend.

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Willow tells Michael about her encounter with Nina and Carly. Willow wants to find a way for everyone to coexist for Wiley's sake, but Michael disagrees. Michael argues the point, then decides Nina isn't worth the argument.

Chase investigates Brook Lynn's story of her whereabouts the night Bailey was born. Bobbie runs into Chase and overhears him talking about Beecher's Corners,. She admits the original plan about how she was supposed to deliver Maxie's baby and hide her from Peter. Chase puts two and two together and gets four.

Peter leads the women through tunnels beneath the compound, while Drew and Jason try to find them. Liesl's worried about the stability of the tunnels and Britt wants to get out before it collapses.

Drew and Jason find them, and Peter is shot in the arm . . . but then runs off. (Seriously, there are four of you right there, how does no one see him take off. Is he wearing a Harry Potter invisibility cloak?)

The four decide to head back the way they came in. Peter comes back in with guns blazing. Peter and Jason shoot at each other, causing the tunnels to collapse on top of Jason.

Chase heads to the hospital and tells Valentin he's Bailey's father. (For the love of  Pete, why not just tell him that Bailey is Louise? He would have kept the secret and not despised Brook Lynn so much!)

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