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Days of Our Lives Legend Susan Seaforth Hayes: "Thanksgiving in Salem is Quite an Event"

Susan Seaforth Hayes, Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives' Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) will have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. She'll be able to bring Doug (Bill Hayes) home at last. However, she'll also be squaring off against Marlena/"MarDevil" (Deidre Hall). Seaforth Hayes chatted with Soap Hub about what's to come for Julie this holiday.

Julie is able to get Doug out of the sanitarium. How is he acting at this point? Seaforth Hayes explained:

He’s heavily sedated when Julie brings him home. He isn’t speaking. Julie has a moment of singing to him, and he doesn’t respond. She sings the Tom and Alice love song, ‘I’ll Be Loving You Always.’ I was fine to do it, unaccompanied and always singing flat. But I gave it a try. [Laughs}

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DAYS fans should expect some big things going down this Thanksgiving. Seaforth Hayes added:

Thanksgiving in Salem is quite an event. Doug is pivotal in that event. So is Julie, actually. The breaking point for everyone… [the moment] that’s going to be huge is the Thanksgiving meal.

"MarDevil" wants to drag Doug back to Bayview, but Julie won't give up without a fight. Seaforth Hayes noted of her character:

She never gives in. She continues, for some time, to be the one character that stands up to the devil – toe-to-toe, face-to-face, symbol-to-symbol… She waxes rather philosophical in the face of this tragedy.