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Perkie's Observations: Is The Search For Jason a Rescue or Recovery on General Hospital?

General Hospital Recap for November 22, 2021
Steve Burton

Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Valentin doesn't believe Chase's claim that he's Bailey's father. Chase lies and explains that Brook Lynn lied to him as well, but he has a DNA test to prove he's the father. Brook Lynn swears she wasn't trying to hurt anyone, but was only trying to do the right thing. Valentin promises he'll never forgive her.

Brook Lynn thanks Chase, who says he knows that Bailey is Maxie and Peter's daughter. Brook Lynn explains everything to Chase and says they didn't think it would go on this long. She feels badly for what she's done to Valentin. Chase promises to say anything to let everyone believe he's the baby's father. Brook Lynn worries that Valentin will punish her

Sasha's baby has trouble breathing, so they take him to the NICU, while Dr. Navarro continues to work on her. Sasha passes out as she starts to hemorrhage and Brando is kicked out of the operating room.

Brando tells Maxie that he might lose both Sasha and the baby. Maxie reassures Brando that both of them will be fine. Liz comes out and tells them that Dr. Navarro managed to stop the hemorrhaging, and Sasha is in ICU. Brando sits with Sasha, who's desperate to see the baby. Dr. Navarro comes in to talk about the baby.

Jax runs into Carly and tells her that he's heading back to Sydney to deal with work. He feels it's an appropriate time now that Sonny's back and in charge. Carly demands to know when he'll come back, but Jax says there's no reason to.

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Sonny runs into Nina at Charlie's and she tells him about the emergency with Sasha. Sonny decides to head back to the hospital to support Brando, but decides to stay with Nina when he sees how upset she is.

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Nina apologizes for lying and letting things get out of hand in Nixon Falls. Sonny wonders why she kept him from his family if she cared for him. Nina admits if she'd told him the truth, he would have left her, and she was tired of everyone controlling her. Jax walks in as Sonny heads out and warns Nina to be careful.

Peter is the first to get up from the rubble of the collapsed tunnel and runs off. (Apparently, he's immortal). Drew and Liesl regain consciousness, as does Britt, who's worried about Jason.

Peter makes it back to the compound where Robert and Anna are waiting for him. Peter tells them the tunnel collapsed, and Britt and Jason are buried under it. Valentin calls Anna, but stops himself from telling her about Bailey.

Anna heads down to the tunnels and finds the group, who are searching for Jason. Everyone heads back to the compound and Drew insists they need to find Jason. Robert says WSB men are on the island searching for him.

Drew tells Anna there was another woman in the compound other than him and Chloe. Anna promises they'll check again. Robert checks with his men, but no one has seen Jason. Britt gets hysterical, but Drew promises that they'll find him.

Peter finagles a phone from one of the guards. He calls Maxie to let her know that he's coming home and they'll be together again.

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