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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Keeps Her Secret In Light of Peter's Impending Return on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 23, 2021
Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Sasha insists on seeing the baby, but Dr. Navarro says she needs to heal and gather her strength so she's prepared. Liz updates them the baby is on a ventilator because he was deprived of oxygen during the delivery. Gladys listens at the door while Dr. Navarro explains the worst case scenario could be brain damage or death.

Sasha blames herself, but Liz reassures her that she did everything right. Brando says they need to pray, which surprises Sasha. Brando promises that they'll do everything for their son. Sasha continues to feel helpless and asks Brando to go and see the baby.

Sonny and Carly head to the hospital to check on Brando and Sasha. Maxie updates them on Sasha's status. Carly brings up Nina and how she has a problem with what Nina did. Carly says she has faith that Sonny will always do what's right for their family. She says she will try to respect his request to let Nina be.

Valentin wants to be released against medical advice, much to Epiphany's annoyance. Nina overhears and wonders why it's so urgent for him to leave. Valentin explains to her how Bailey isn't his and Chase is the father. This confuses Nina, who knows the truth.

Valentin figures this is payback for what he did to Nina with Sasha, but she doesn't see it that way. Valentin says he now understands how badly he hurt her with the lie about Sasha. Nina tells him to forgive Brook Lynn the way that she has forgiven him.

Maxie calls Anna to let her know that Peter called her. Anna tells her that Peter is in WSB custody and he'll be brought back to Port Charles to stand trial.

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Brook Lynn is worried about Chase, and says he's made an enemy of both Valentin and Peter. She says he'll have to continue to lie until Peter is brought to justice. Maxie shows up and is not amused to find out that Chase knows the truth.

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Brook Lynn tells Maxie that Valentin is upset, but believes Chase is the father. Maxie tells them Peter was caught and is on his way back. She says they can't tell the truth about Bailey anytime soon. Maxie asks them to continue to be Louise's parents for her protection.

Maxie talks to Valentin about hearing from Peter, and how she can't breathe easily until she knows he's in prison. Valentin reassures her she'll be safe.

Drew updates Anna on his programming by Peter and some of the things he was forced to do. Britt tells Liesl that Jason was only here to help her, and won't be able to live with it if he's dead. Anna says the WSB is searching for Jason in the tunnels.

Carly and Sonny find Gladys waiting in the hall, and she tells them there are problems with the baby. Sonny reassures her. They spot Brando and Carly offers to get him something to eat. Sonny offers his reassurances as well.

Nina checks in with Liz on Sasha's status, but Liz is limited in what she can tell her as a non-family member. Liz checks with Sasha, who agrees to see Nina.

Brando visits with the baby and explains how much he is loved.

Anna says the excavation team were not able to find any sign of life in the tunnel where Jason was. 

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