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Chrishell Stause Teases Season 4 of Hit Netflix Docusoap Selling Sunset

Chrishell Stause, Selling Sunset

Multi-soap veteran Chrishell Stause returns for more of Selling Sunset, whose fourth season hits Netflix today. What can fans of the real-estate reality hit expect from the new season? Stause teased the drama to come to Entertainment Weekly.

The All My Children alum shared that she was raring to get back to work. She dished:

We were just all so excited that they had figured out a way that we could safely go back to film and be able to do what we love all together. Because it was not just that we weren't filming, we weren't able to be together in the office even without the cameras. So to have the show step in and find a safe way for us to go back to doing the simple things was such a breath of fresh air. I think we all came into it with reinvigorated energy and just excited, not only see each other again but just to be able to be in the same room and safely show houses.

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Tensions between the realtors at the Oppenheim Group abound. Might Stause mend fences with Christine Quinn if Quinn apologized? The Days of Our Lives grad mused:

I would always appreciate someone taking accountability for things that they've done. It may not mean you turn a switch and all of a sudden you're best friends, but I think that it shows a lot of character if someone's able to recognize and take accountability for the pain that they've caused someone. I would always respect that.

New additions to the cast include Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela. How are they settling in with the rest of the real estate agents? Hernan enters under a "cloud of drama," Stause noted; EW stated that both Hernan and Quinn were apparently engaged to the same man around the same period of time. 

But there's much more to Hernan. Stause shared:

I've gotten to know her over time and she's just such a lovely person who leads with her hear. I just hope that the viewers understand that this is not normally who she is, going around talking about these things and doing these things. It just happens that when you're entering our brokerage and you have this kind of a past with someone, it is going to become a bigger topic than it would have. I really, really love Emma, so I'm just hoping that she's given her chance to shine away from that cloud.