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Days of Our Lives Recap: Belle Defies Marlena and Gets a Court Order to Release Doug to Julie

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 23, 2021
Susan Seaforth Hayes, Brandon Beemer, Martha Madison, Bill Hayes

Susan Seaforth Hayes, Brandon Beemer, Martha Madison, Bill Hayes

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Steve tells Kayla he thinks he was sent on a wild goose chase. Kayla wonders who would ever do that. Knock, knock! It's Marlena, who swans in announcing that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday of all time. They look at her strangely.

Julie's reminiscing about Doug when Belle and Shawn pop in. Julie's upset that Doug will be alone on Thanksgiving. Julie realizes they're bringing her bad news. Belle explains it's not bad, just frustrating. She filed a motion against Marlena. If the judge rules in Julie's favor, then she will be making all the medical decisions for Doug without Marlena's interference. Unfortunately, it's a long holiday weekend, but fortunately, Julie had a sympathetic judge who didn't want to wait until Monday. Doug is all Julie's...and under her control! 

Tripp wheels Henry to Horton Square to meet with Allie. He encourages Allie to talk about Charlie if she wants to. He tells Allie that Rafe had it checked out...and sure enough, Charlie's in his grave, undisturbed. Allie wonders what happened that night. As a distraction, Tripp whips out an iPad with all their Thanksgiving obligations...on a spreadsheet to boot.

Chanel has a nightmare about sneaking into Paulina's pink palace to pack up a few things. Paulina catches her and understands why she'd want to run and hide. Chanel ruined her wedding and multiple lives. Chanel tries to apologize, but no, Paulina's not having it. She calls Chanel an ungrateful bitch and tells her she's no longer her mama! Paulina clutches her chest and falls over. Chanel wakes up gasping in Johnny's bed. When Johnny asked what happened, Chanel tells her she killed her mother.

Johnny tells her they both have strong mothers that can push the guilt button. Chanel counters that she actually blew up her mother's wedding. Johnny assures her it was because of Paulina's own lies and kept pushing forward despite them. Paulina just pushed too hard and Chanel snapped. Johnny soothes her concerns with the promise of breakfast in bed and a little more somethin' somethin'. (You go Johnny Smooth!) After another round, Johnny proposes they move to Italy. Chanel agrees, but realizes she has to relive the beginning of her nightmare by sneaking home to get her passport.

Paulina's pacing in her pink palace, whilst clutching the pendant. She scolds herself for making a hot mess of everything. Suddenly, a voice agrees with Paulina's assessment. It's Big Mama Olivia.

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Steve makes some piping hot tea for Marlena straight from the microwave. Steve and Kayla watch her drink it down without being bothered by the heat. Marlena's there to apologize to them, as she hasn't been herself lately. She tells them what happened whilst she officiated Paulina and Abe's wedding.

Marlena refuses Kayla's request to let Julie visit Doug. Then, Steve asks her to help him find John. Marlena explains he's on a mission, but Steve tells her he hasn't followed any protocols and is completely off the grid. Marlena tells them the only way she can handle this is to put it out of her mind. She has to trust John to let him do his job. Marlena leaves, but Kayla and Steve don't buy anything she said.

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Paulina thinks Olivia's there to gloat because she knew trouble would follow Paulina to Salem. Olivia tells Paulina she's the only one who can talk sense into her...and this time she will listen.

Paulina claims she followed her heart despite Olivia and Tamara's plans. Olivia advises her to start using her head. Paulina complains that Tamara was the favored one. When Paulina finally got something (a baby), Olivia decided it would be Tamara's. Olivia claims there was no other way. Olivia tells Paulina she loves her and gives her a hug.

Olivia puts on her Sunday best hat while waiting for a ride over to Lani's for Thanksgiving dinner. Paulina's aghast she's in emotional Siberia whilst Olivia is taking the dinner invite. After all Olivia lied fact it was her lie! Olivia encourages Paulina to reach out to Chanel. Despite what she did, she's still her baby. Paulina is still confused about how Chanel could have found out that information.

Olivia definitively tells Paulina it was Doc! Paulina confides to Olivia she told her as a patient and they're bonded by confidentiality. Olivia says, "Well baby, Doctor Feelbad busted right out of those confidential bonds and put all your business on the street!" Olivia has to go, but one last warning from Big Mama, "That Marlena woman is no damn good!"

Kayla pops into the Horton house to find Julie. Belle explains how she got a court order to help Julie, but is not looking forward to facing her mother. Now that some time has passed, Belle confesses she's not how she feels about sidelining Marlena's judgment. Kayla assures her she's had the same feelings. They both agree there's something wrong...especially since she shows empathy for everyone, including Ben Weston!

MarDevil is outside the crypt talking to herself. She decides something needs to be done about him and Susan, and thinks killing two birds with one stone might be the best option.

Chanel gets caught sneaking into Paulina's.

Julie comes home with Shawn and Doug!

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