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Days of Our Lives Recap: Doug Finds His Voice And Clocks Marlena as The Devil!

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 24, 2021
Mary Beth Evans, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Bill Hayes, Brandon Beemer

Mary Beth Evans, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Bill Hayes, Brandon Beemer

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Chanel talking to Paulina about a dream she had where she was told they weren’t mother and daughter. Chanel thinks she knows what’s coming, so she asks Paulina to let her have it. Paulina only has one thing to say…she’s sorry. 

Outside the Brady Pub, Steve is asking Johnny about any inconsistencies he has noticed about his Grandma Marlena. 

In Alice Horton’s living room, Julie is thrilled to have Doug home. Kayla and Belle are a wee confused because they thought Julie and Shawn Douglas were only going to visit him at Bayview. Julie says the court order went through and she now has power of attorney. Whether Marlena likes it or not, Belle is the hero.

In the DiMera crypt, John is still hanging whilst Susan encourages him to hang in there (get it?). She had a vision that someone was coming to save them. Just then, MarDevil enters to tell them it is Thanksgiving. MarDevil tells them this is the day she gets to see the blood of innocents spilled.

Like sands through the hour glass…

Chanel is stunned that Paulina is actually apologizing. She expected Paulina to demand an apology from her. Paulina says she can’t be mad because Chanel told a truth she never had the courage to tell herself. Paulina goes on to say it was finally time for her to own her own mess.

Paulina tries to explain to Chanel why she chose Lani as her matron of honor. She wanted to tell Lani the truth, but then Abe was shot. Chanel isn’t totally convinced. Paulina admits she has recently paid Lani a lot of attention because she was never allowed to be the mother to her that she always has been to Chanel. 

Side Note: We don’t often get to see Chanel and Paulina being all adorable - nice to see. 

Chanel says she is so sorry about Abe and how their wedding went sideways. Paulina says Olivia thinks Marlena is to blame. Chanel confirms that Marlena told her everything because she was so sad. Chanel goes on to say that Marlena didn’t encourage her to come forward, BUT when the wedding started, Chanel couldn’t resist this feeling that Marlena wanted her to tell everything. 

Paulina doesn’t want to waste more time on Marlena. She wants to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Chanel explains she would love to, but she is supposed to fly to Italy with Johnny. Paulina hopes she will be back in time for Christmas. Chanel will do her very best. 

In Alice Horton’s living room, Julie wants to make Doug comfortable. He is conscious, but unresponsive. Kayla wonders what meds Doug is on. She realizes he’s on a very strong tranquilizer which Marlena prescribed. 

Belle and Shawn Douglas are gathering food in the kitchen. Shawn D says that he thinks Doug is scared of something. Belle thinks Doug is scared of Marlena. Shawn Douglas is somewhat skeptical.

Julie is still in Alice Horton’s living room with Doug. She sits down next to him and explains how she is still his girl and he is her guy. She begins to sing to him as Kayla watches on. Doug begins to respond as Julie gets emotional. 

Outside the Brady Pub, Johnny assumes his Grandma Marlena would only do what is best for Doug. Steve tries to probe because Marlena is not herself. Johnny says it was a wee weird when he saw her at the DiMera Crypt. Johnny goes on to explain it was on Halloween and she was dressed like the devil. Steve wonders why she was there, and Johnny explains it was because Stefano is buried there. He was the first one to realize Marlena had been possessed. Johnny wanted to hang around, but Marlena sent him away. 

At the crypt, Susan protects John with her body. MarDevil is tempted, but tells Susan she won’t kill him, but Susan will. Susan says she would never harm a hair on John Black’s head. MarDevil says if Susan doesn’t kill John, she will kill EJ - She will carve him like a Thanksgiving turkey!

Susan says that EJ has a pure heart. Why is she doing this? MarDevil reminds Susan that, well, she is the Devil. Susan thinks Dr. Marlena Evans will stop the Devil from carrying out her plans. MarDevil says the key to her success is killing John. 

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MarDevil says it is time for Susan to stab John in the heart. If she doesn’t, EJ will die. Susan doesn’t understand how she could possibly kill an innocent man like John Black. 

Side Note: John Black looks like he would rather be killed than hang there listening to Susan’s ramblings. 

John tries to explain the Devil is always trying to darken good souls like Susan. 

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As MarDevil tries to enter the penthouse, Paulina approaches because she has some things to say! She confronts “Marlena” because she told Chanel her secrets. Paulina does not understand why she broke her confidence. MarDevil does her best to cover up Marlena’s tracks. Paulina is buying none of this. She says she is going to file a complaint against Marlena so she will lose her license. MarDevil begins to giggle. She doesn’t think Paulina is funny…only sad. 

MarDevil goes on to say that neither Abe nor Lani will ever forgive Paulina and she is just being vindictive and vengeful. As MarDevil tries to enter the penthouse, Paulina grabs her arm and says, “I’m not through with you… you cold-hearted bitch.” MarDevil turns with eyes a-glowin' and replies, “Who are you calling a bitch… bitch!” 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Johnny heading to Chez Walker to see Chanel. He says Allie will watch the bakery whilst the two of them head to Europe. 

Outside the penthouse, MarDevil, who has revealed herself to Paulina, tells her to get gone. Paulina wastes zero time getting gone. Just then, Marlena’s phone rings. It’s Belle, who tells her that she petitioned the court for Doug’s release. MarDevil says she will take care of it, but Belle says there is no need. The judge ruled in Julie’s favor and Doug has been released…and he’s home. 

In Alice Horton’s living room, Julie is freaking out that Doug will always be somewhat catatonic. Kayla has no idea what the future brings, but thinks it’s great that Doug is actually home. 

Outside the DiMera Crypt, Steve is trying to break-in while Kayla is leaving a message on his phone about Doug’s current condition. Inside the crypt, Susan hears someone trying to break in and thinks she has to hurry up and kill John. 

In Horton Square, Paulina is calling the police to report MarDevil, but she doesn’t quite know how to report it. 

In Alice Horton’s dining room, Belle tells Shawn Douglas she told Marlena about Doug’s release, and she’s not happy. Just then, Julie and Kayla enter to serve them dinner and begin the Thanksgiving celebration. As they all sit around Doug, Julie decides it is time to give a traditional Horton holiday toast. 

Side Note: I love these traditional holiday toasts!

Just as Julie is telling Doug he is the center of her universe and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Marlena enters…

Outside the DiMera Crypt, Susan exits and appears to be covered in blood and holding a knife as she sees Steve. 

Back in Alice Horton’s dining room, Julie questions Marlena as to what she is doing there. Marlena assures Julie she is there to wish them a happy holiday and take Doug back to Bayview.

Julie asks Belle to tell her mother she is no longer his doctor. Belle tries, but Marlena reminds everyone that Doug is still a danger to everyone. Kayla doesn’t agree. Julie says if she is pushed, she will show Marlena what a danger to others really looks like! 

Marlena assures her that would be a mistake. Just then, Doug wakes up, stands up, and begins to speak. Marlena tries to stop him, but he will not be denied! He points to Marlena and says, “You are the Devil!” 

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