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Perkie's Observations: Ned Chastises Brook Lynn For Her Lies About Bailey on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 24, 2021
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Ned Quartermaine, General Hospital

Wally Kurth

On today's General Hospital recap: Brook Lynn calls to remind Chase that he's in this with her and needs to be there when she tells Ned the "truth" about Bailey. Chase promises to be there after speaking to Finn.

Chase stops by to tell Finn he won't be joining them for Thanksgiving. Then, he tells him about Brook Lynn and "his' baby. Finn is surprised, but congratulates him.

Ned asks Brook Lynn about Valentin and Charlotte moving out of the mansion. Ned is surprised when Brook Lynn tells him that Valentin isn't Bailey's father, but Chase is. Ned is not happy with Brook Lynn's choices and how both men's lives have been upended. (Geez, at this point I feel so badly for BLQ, since she's getting the brunt of everyone's anger.)

Ned worries that Valentin will fight back in his grief and anger. Ned also blames Chase for being too involved with Willow to see the truth about his baby. Brook Lynn begs her father not to blame Chase, just as he arrives for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Portia finds Curtis distracted and upset. He explains about Marshall claiming to be his father. Portia wonders if Curtis believes the man's story, but Curtis says it doesn't matter. He says he wants nothing to do with the man, but Portia believes Curtis must have questions.

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Curtis says everything changed for his mother and Aunt Stella when Marshall walked out. He doesn't want this man to swoop in now, years later. Curtis says he did an Internet search and found nothing on Marshall Ashford. Portia advises Curtis to talk to TJ about Marshall so he won't be caught off guard.

Marshall shows up at the hospital to see TJ, who's confused as to who he is and what he wants. Marshall wants a minute of his time to explain things to TJ, despite TJ's hesitancy.

Olivia stops by the hospital to talk to Austin, who wants nothing to do with the Quartermaines. Olivia chases after him and apologizes for being a biatch to him about Leo. She says she's committed to getting Leo any help he needs. She invites him to join the Qs for Thanksgiving, but Austin says he doesn't forgive them for cutting out his father or for almost losing his medical license.

Dante, Sam, and the kids (what appears to be a new Rocco and a new Danny) watch the Thanksgiving parade. Sam worries whether the kids are getting along, but Dante reassures her. Dante mentions how Leo may be on the autism spectrum, and Sam mentions her brother and the challenges he had. The two discuss making their debut as a couple at each other's families for the holiday.

There's a knock on the door, and when Sam opens it, there's freshly-shaven Drew.

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