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WATCH: Maurice Benard Reunites With Former General Hospital Costar Michael Sutton on YouTube Talk Show (VIDEO)

Sonny and Stone

General Hospital's Maurice Benard (Sonny) reunited with former co-star Michael Sutton (ex-Stone) on his YouTube talk show State of Mind. After discussing Sutton's father's mental health challenges, they delved into filming together during a time when Benard was struggling with bipolar disorder.

Benard recalled:

But during the period I was doing General Hospital—I would probably say a couple days, three days—the pressure...I was having a manic episode. And I want Michael to take me through what he saw, what he felt—what did he know about bipolar?

Sutton remembered:

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You came in. You were nervous. You were willing to show me you were nervous and in scenes one or two, you started to, like, need a break and you were trying to shake something off and I could tell you were having a problem getting through that first scene, but then you did and then I’m like, 'Okay, no problem.' Scene two, scene three. By maybe the fourth scene of the day, and you’ve’ got another eight scenes to go, you couldn’t get through it anymore.

Sutton could see something had changed, noting:

Oh, it was a ghost of you. You weren't there; my brother wasn't there.

Watch the full interview below.