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Days of Our Lives Recap: MarDevil Plays Ben And Ciara Like a Fiddle

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 29, 2021
Dr. Marlena Evans, Days of Our Lives

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Brady sitting over a drink at a bar when Maggie walks up to talk him down off his latest ledge. 

Philip and Chloe are finishing dinner at the Kiriakis mansion. Chloe thinks they should burn off some calories walking to the river bank to check on their tree. 

Steve and Belle are at University Hospital catching up. Steve says Susan is stable and asks about John. Belle is worried that John is going after Marlena when she is in her current state. 

At Chez Weston, MarDevil has arrived asking Ben and Ciara to hide her.

Like sands through the hourglass…

In the Horton living room, John and Shawn Douglas are discussing just how brave Doug and Julie are, and how brave they were to stand up to the Devil. 

Side Note: John! “Leave it to Julie Williams to scare the devil away!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Shawn Douglas wants to take John to see Belle. John wants to be with Belle, but he needs to save Marlena first. Shawn Douglas makes sure John takes the rosary beads. 

Belle calls and Shawn Douglas has to tell her that MarMom got away from him…but has good news because John is there and safe…except he’s not. When Shawn Douglas looks more closely, he sees John collapsed on the floor. 

At Chez Weston, MarDevil tells Ben and Ciara that John has been abusing her. Ben is sympathetic, but Ciara is skeptical. To prove her point, MarDevil shows Ben and Ciara her bruised wrist - that she blames on John. She is afraid to go back to the penthouse. Ciara still ain’t buying what Marlena is selling.

MarDevil says this behavior is out of the ordinary. However, the anger began after his aneurysm. Ciara didn’t know about his condition because she was presumed dead at the time.

Side Note: Nice detail.

Ben assures Marlena he will support her and John with anything they need. She exits to freshen up. Ciara and Ben still can’t believe that John would be violent and abusive. Cue John banging on the door demanding to see Marlena!

Ben goes to the door and tells John to go home…as John screams and bangs. Ben decides it’s a good idea to crack the door ajar with the chain on. 

John (who is pretty clearly being played by MarDevil) screams that everything she says is a lie. He says he is going to stop her once and for all. He’s going to kill her. Ben slams the door just as John calls Marlena a bitch - and then transforms back into MarDevil. 

At the bar, Brady admits he hasn’t actually had anything to drink, and is glad Maggie is there to support him. Maggie and Brady talk about the pull alcohol has over them. 

Maggie can’t imagine how hard it was for Brady to turn Kristen in. She reminds Brady that sometimes people can have just as big a hold on them as alcohol can. Brady tells her Kristen tried to sue him. He started to engage, but decided he needs to be done with Kristen once and for all. 

Brady tells Maggie he is also upset about Chloe. As much as he tries, he can’t suppress his feelings for her. He tells Maggie that Chloe admitted she had feelings for him a few months back. 

Maggie reminds Brady that Chloe is with Philip. Brady says Philip is just like Kristen. They both explode and spontaneously act. Maggie wonders what he is going to do to avoid landing in a bar again. Brady swears he won’t interfere. 

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Maggie says she doesn’t know what to say. Brady says her advice couldn’t be any worse than Marlena’s. Brady then recounts how she wanted him to ravage Chloe on the conference room table. Maggie is sort of stunned. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe is still pushing Philip to go see the tree. 

Flashback: Philip hyperventilating and ripping said tree out of the ground. 

Philip says he’s too full to go for a walk and wants to enjoy just being with Chloe. She pushes to see the tree and hates she hasn’t had a chance because of her busy schedule. Speaking of work, Philip wants to check on her interactions with Brady. 

Flashback: Philip overhears Brady and Chloe discussing the conference table sex between Nicole and Rafe. 

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Chloe says there is one new development. She needs to talk to him about Brady. Chloe knows Philip saw her and Brady walk into the Salem Inn together. She also knows that Lucas confronted Brady about sleeping with her behind Philip’s back. 

Philip says he never confronted her because he knew nothing happened. Chloe confirms that Brady only helped her with her luggage. One more thing, Chloe admits she assumed Philip would be a jealous jackass. When he didn’t act as expected, she was relieved. Philip knows how important trust is in a relationship.

At University Hospital, Belle is happy John is there and okay, but can’t believe he was so close for so long. John reminds her that Marlena isn’t responsible for any of this craziness. Kayla also assures them John will be just fine. Belle says there is no telling what the Devil had in store for him. 

Kayla stays behind and gives John some ice chips. John recounts how Steve saved his life and Kayla says they are best friends. 

Kayla goes on to apologize to John for not listening to him when he tried to play the tape of Doug and Marlena’s session. Everyone should have listened to him to begin with. John reminds Kayla they are dealing with the Devil. 

In the lobby, Steve gets Shawn Douglas a soda and wonders why he didn’t cuff Marlena. He explains how Marlena broke through the cuffs and threw him across the room!

MarDevil comes out of the bathroom at Chez Weston and thanks them for protecting her. Ben tries to call the police when MarDevil reminds them he has friends on the force. They go through a list of people Marlena could call, but she nixes all of them. Ben and Ciara need to get her out of town. 

MarDevil decides to go freshen up again so Ben and Ciara can discuss whether or not to take her on the run. Ben is on board, but Ciara isn’t ready to hit the road. She’s pregnant and they both have jobs! 

Ciara just thinks this is all weird. Ben reminds Ciara how Marlena has been supportive of him. Maybe it’s his time to help her. Cue MarDevil…

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Philip wants to snuggle and watch movies. Unfortunately, Chloe has an early meeting in Horton Square and must return to the Salem Inn. Philip is left behind to tell himself how he will not be made a fool of.

At the bar, Brady tells Maggie that John is in the hospital, but is okay. Brady proceeds to tell Maggie that Marlena is possessed by the Devil again.

Side Note: Maggie didn’t seem terribly surprised. She’s lived in Salem for a very long time.

Steve has joined Kayla and John, which provides an opportunity for all of them to be thankful for each other. Steve assures John they will find Marlena. 

Back in the lobby, Shawn Douglas asks Belle how John is. He goes on to tell her he hasn’t officially reported Marlena’s crimes. He calls the PD and has them put out an APB on Marlena.

The APB plays as a voiceover as MarDevil makes her way out of Chez Weston with Ben and Ciara. 

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