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Perkie's Observations: Sonny and Carly Learn The Truth About Jason's Untimely Demise on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 29, 2021
Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Sam finds Drew at her doorstep and she gives him a warm hug. 

Monica tells Ned to let Chase in. Brook Lynn pulls Chase to her side and tells Monica everything. Monica's not shocked by any Q antics any longer, but Olivia is. Just when Chase makes inroads with the family, Valentin shows up.

Monica offers her sympathies to Valentin because she knows he really loves Bailey. But, that's not why he's there...he wants to talk about ELQ business. Valentin informs the family he nullified their agreement since Bailey isn't his. All the ELQ shares belong to him again. He retakes the CEO seat, then informs Olivia the dogs got to the turkey. Valentin throws personal jabs at Brook Lynn, so Chase punches him.

Portia calls Curtis from the hospital and encourages him to stop by her place for Thanksgiving dinner. Liz overhears and wonders how Portia will pull it all off. Portia admits she's having dinner catered.

TJ is still confused by Marshall. Marshall thought Curtis would have told him by now. When TJ tries to give him the brush off, Marshall tells him he's not a hustler. Marshall admits he has regrets about how he's handled things, which leaves TJ utterly confused. TJ gets frustrated with him and Marshall spills the tea.

TJ does the math and figures out he's his grandfather. Marshall swears he's not playing him. He admits it feels good to say it out loud and hopes TJ will accept the news, and him. TJ shakes his hand as Curtis walks in...he's not happy. He asks TJ to leave them alone. Later, TJ tells Portia he's worried about Curtis.

TJ finds Curtis and he apologizes for not getting to him before Marshall. TJ doesn't mind and Curtis understands why TJ wants to know him. Curtis advises TJ to proceed with caution. Curtis decides to go to the club instead of Portia's, so TJ decides to go with him.

Britt spies Carly at the hospital and darts away. Carly catches up and asks about her adventure. Britt tells her she found her mother and Carly adds she can't wait to hear the deets from Jason. Britt lets her know Peter was captured and taken into custody. Carly asks if everyone is safe and Britt hesitates. Carly wants to know what Britt's hiding.

Carly pushes Britt and she admits what happened to Jason. Britt promises they did everything they could. Carly latches onto the fact there was no body found, but Britt explains the 50 tons of Earth crashed down on top of him. Carly gets fired up and says she's going to Greece right now. When Britt tries to stop her, Carly tells her Jason's gone because of her. (That's our predictable Carly!) Carly blames Jason's feelings for Britt, whatever they were, for helping Britt to chase down Liesl. Carly tells Britt she wishes she never met Jason. After walking away, Britt admits the same thing to herself. 

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Anna pops in on Sonny at home and he wonders why. Anna explains what happened to Drew, Peter, Britt, and Jason. Anna tells Sonny that Jason is dead. Anna promises they did everything they could. Sonny girds his loins to tell Carly. Before Anna leaves, she tells Sonny she respected Jason as a person and a parent. (Yep, you read that right.) Anna and Sonny hug, and agree to lean on each other through this. (Egad! Where's Anna?)

Phyllis and Nina run into each other at the hospital. Nina admits she has an invitation to join Curtis, but she's feeling a bit lost. Phyllis understands and assures Nina she's on the right path. Portia happens by and Nina scores an invitation for Phyllis to join them.

Sam invites Drew into the apartment. Drew thanks her for dropping everything and coming to look for him. She wonders how he got back. Drew tells her he had a lot of help, and fills her in on what happened.

Sam thinks of Monica and how happy she will be. Drew hesitates as Dante and Scout come downstairs. Drew approaches Scout, who turns to hug Dante. (OUCH!) Drew talks to Scout and gives her a unicorn, which warms her up. Then, Drew fill them in on Jason's death. He wants to get to Monica before someone else does. Sam says she's glad Drew's home.

Anna contacts Valentin, who puts her off until tomorrow. 

Dante gets the kids to the Quartermaines. Sam is happy about Drew and sad about Jason.

Before going back into the house, Carly breaks down and Sonny watches from the kitchen window.

Curtis is pleasantly surprised when Portia has the Thanksgiving dinner shifted to The Savoy.

Monica is also pleasantly surprised when Drew brings pizza to the mansion.

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