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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kristen Manipulates Gwen and Ava to Do Her Bidding

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 30, 2021
Stacy Haiduk

Stacy Haiduk

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Gwen awakening to Xander packing his bags. Kristen has told him that Sarah never left with Rex and she’s trapped on some deserted island. Gwen then wakes up from her horrid nightmare. 

Chad has come to see Kristen, who is still handcuffed in the interrogation room. Her new lawyer has failed to convince the judge to keep her out of Statesville.

EJ is visiting with Susan when Nicole walks in. She wants to know how EJ is doing.

In an undisclosed location, Samantha Gene is screaming to be let out when she is met by one of her captors, Jason.

Like sands through the hour glass...

EJ is only worried about Susan. Nicole is worried about him. He explains that Susan was distressed about the Devil. Nicole wonders if she had another psychotic breakdown. 

EJ takes Nicole into the lobby and explains what happened at the DiMera mansion that led them to the hospital. He explains that Susan thinks Marlena has been possessed by the Devil and she was trying to save him. Nicole wonders if it was a delusion, but EJ explains that Steve disagreed. He can’t believe the sacrifice Susan was willing to make for him - whether the threat was real or not. He finally understands just how much Susan loves him. 

EJ is embarrassed, but Nicole tells him she is honored he let her see this side of him. Nicole doesn’t think being vulnerable makes him weak. It makes him attractive. EJ thanks her and reminds her where being vulnerable got him with Samantha Gene. Nicole wonders if he’s gotten any calls from her. EJ doesn’t think it’s strange at all he hasn’t heard from her. Nicole isn’t buying it. 

EJ says he pushed Samantha Gene away. He was cruel, perhaps too cruel. He goes on to say he was viciously abusive to his wife for over a year. Seeing Susan in distress reminded him about the pain he went through during his recovery. 

Side Note: A return from the dead could certainly make one vicious.

EJ says every day during his recovery, he wanted to die. He begged Samantha Gene to kill him. She fought for him long and hard. He believes she betrayed him with that “wretched simpleton” as a result of his abuse. Nicole wonders if EJ regrets separating himself from Samantha Gene. EJ assures Nicole ending his marriage was the right thing to do. His wife broke her vows. 

Side Note: Not your lesson to teach, EJ. cc: Abigail 

EJ thanks Nicole for checking on him and listening to him go on about his issues with his mother and his wife. Nicole gave him hope and reminded him he is with the person he wants to be with, unless Rafe and conference table sex is still an issue. 

Side Note: Ew!

Nicole assures EJ she is right where she wants to be. 

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Samantha Gene plays with Jason, who informs her she is getting no breakfast because she has been a very bad girl. He wants her to return his phone in exchange for her meal. Samantha Gene lies somewhat unconvincingly. She hands over the phone, but also tries to convince him to help her. She just wants to get back to the people she loves. 

Jason has read ALL the tabloids about her ridiculous marriage. He even knows she slept with “some dude” behind EJ’s back. Samantha Gene assures him EJ will pay a small fortune to get her out of there. She goes on and tries to convince Jason to tell her who is holding her hostage. 

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Jason laughs and reminds her how many times they’ve had this conversation. He’s never going to tell her. Jason knows which side his bread is buttered on. They make up and he goes to retrieve her breakfast. 

At the Salem PD, Chad wants Kristen to assure him she won’t try to escape again. He will do anything he can to help Kristen. She will be transferred today. Kristen sends Chad off to get her some lunch before she is carted off. Without missing a beat, Kristen finds her phone and makes a call. 

At Chez Hernandez, Ava and Rafe have been canoodling when he says it’s time for him to go to work. Ava says she will need to figure out what she is going to do now that her days aren’t filled with scheming with Philip to take down Gabi. 

Xander and Gwen are being all Xander and Gwen. She wants to check her phone to see if Jack has tried to contact her. Nothing from him yet. Xander reminds her that Maggie is going to help. Gwen is not so sure. Xander hits the shower when Gwen gets a call from Chad, except it’s Kristen.

Gwen says she can’t talk. Kristen is okay with that, but wants to talk to Xander so she can tell him everything. She goes on to say she expects Gwen to bust her out ASAP. 

Gwen doesn’t understand how she is supposed to accomplish Kristen’s wishes. Kristen thinks it is a crisis of conscience. Gwen sets her straight and tells her it’s about practicalities. How is she supposed to bust her out? 

Back at the Salem PD, Chad tells Rafe that Kristen has been informed about her return to Statesville. Rafe wants to make sure Kristen doesn’t pull a fast one. No one would possibly help Kristen, except Ava. 

At Chez Hernandez, Ava is making the bed when Kristen calls. She wants Ava to help her escape. Ava says she is settled and happy with Rafe. Kristen gives zero f**** and says she’ll tell Rafe everything about her aiding and abetting her before. Kristen then tells Ava exactly what she is going to do. She deletes her outgoing calls from Chad’s phone just as he returns. She lies to him and, SHOCKINGLY, Chad believes her. 

At the Salem Inn, Gwen lies to a half-nekkid Xander and tells him she was speaking with Chad. Xander doesn’t understand why he’s still contacting her. He knows Gwen did bad things, but some people have it much worse. She assumes he is talking about his situation with Sarah. Xander assures her he is forgetting about Sarah, but Gwen is unconvinced. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem at the police department. Rafe tells Kristen her paperwork to Statesville has been signed. 

Over at the Salem Inn, Ava has come a-callin' on Gwen. 

Across town, Susan is awakening to a figure at her bedside. She thinks it is her Elvis, but realizes it is Xander. He gives her flowers, which makes her suspicious. What has she ever done for him? Xander says Susan opened his eyes to Sarah’s betrayal. 

Side Note: Y’all remember that? 

In captivity, Jason brings Samantha Gene her breakfast. She unloads the tray and tells him she is sorry about the phone thing. As he turns to leave, she takes the tray and goes all Samantha Gene on his behind!

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