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Perkie's Observations: Family and Friends Mourn Jason's Loss on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 30, 2021
Cameron Mathison, Leslie Charleson

Cameron Mathison, Leslie Charleson

On today's General Hospital recap: Monica welcomes Drew home and gives him a warm hug. He tells them how Peter kidnapped him and held him captive. Monica wishes Jason was there to share their pizza, but understands he needs to be with his children. Drew tells Monica his rescue came at a cost to their family.

Dante advises Sam he thinks the kids are aware that somethings up. Danny was looking forward to pizza at the Quartermaines. Sam gets upset and throws the glass at the wall because she ordered turkey burgers.

Dante tells Sam she doesn't need to apologize for how she feels. It's sinking in for Sam that Scout gained a father while Danny lost one. She wonders if Danny will hate Scout for what happened to their fathers, but Dante assures her there's no room for hate. Later, they talk about why Sam had to let Jason go. When Dante takes his leave, Sam asks him to stay.

Liesl is having a nightmare when Britt comes into the room. Britt wakes her up and Liesl tells her she was back in the tunnel. Liesl wants Britt to stay and talk with her, but Britt advises her mother she needs to go back to sleep. Liesl hopes Britt remains nightmare-free.

Carly is thinking about Jason. When Sonny comes out to the porch, she tearfully goes to him and they embrace. Sonny tells Carly his contacts in Greece confirm Anna's story and Jason's hasn't been rescued. Carly sees this as a sign of hope, but Sonny explains their rescue equipment didn't detect a heartbeat. They have to accept he's gone because the rescue operation will be suspended.

They commiserate about how both Sonny and Jason have returned before. Carly explains to Sonny how she never believed he was dead after the bridge collapse. Carly admits she wants to believe the same thing about Jason. She can't give up hope on Jason because she's known him as long as he's been Jason.

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Britt is rolling through her emails and advises the senders to forward their issues to Dr. Randolph. She sends a staff email with the same information, adding she's a total mess and incapable of making any decisions. Austin appears in her office and wants to know how he can help her.

Britt threatens him with bodily harm if Austin tells anyone about about her crying. He surmises she's just alone because it's Thanksgiving and has nowhere to go. Austin admits the Quartermaines screwed him over, but thinks it may have impacted his friendship with Maxie. Britt opens up about Jason's death. She didn't see him going before her, but Austin disagrees since he was a hitman. Austin invites her to come over for turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, and football. She tells Austin she has one thing to do.

Scott visits Liesl and welcomes his schnitzel home with a hug. The two catch up and Scott hops into her hospital bed.

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Drew explains how Britt asked Jason to help rescue Liesl. Monica thinks thats why Jason's quiet about Drew's disappearance. Drew takes Monica's hand and stumbles on his words. Monica realizes Jason's gone. Drew says he wouldn't take the trade if he knew it would sacrifice Jason. Monica scolds him and assures him his life is just as important. Monica waxes poetic about how Scott gave Jason to Monica to hold. She relates how special it was.

Side Note: Correct me if I'm wrong (as I'm sure you will) I remember Monica wanted nothing to do with Alan's love child with Susan AND how Scott was plotting with Heather to get his trust fund.

Monica laments the loss of Jason and other family members, but on this Thanksgiving raises a toast to Drew. He in turn raises a toast to Jason.

Josslyn interrupts Carly and Sonny. Mini-Me says that Jason could be alive just like Sonny. Carly tells Josslyn the gruesome details of rubble and steel. Josslyn wonders if they've told Michael. Not yet. (Can't wait!) Sonny interjects with an update there's a media blackout so people close to Jason can get the news and Peter won't get the attention he craves. (I thought this was both funny and impossible in 2021.)

Sonny gets a call from Cyrus. He offers his condolences about Jason and hangs up on him.

Dante and Sam get heated, and they both decide they want to go further. 

When they're alone, Olivia questions Ned the change in his demeanor. Ned denies he's thinking about ELQ business, but Olivia disagrees.

Austin needs eye bleach after walking in on Scott and Liesl.

Carly is at the bridge with multiple flashbacks of her and Jason. Her reverie is broken when Britt appears.

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