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Perkie's Observations: Victor Declares The Cassadines Must Stop Feuding And Unite on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 1, 2021
Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy

On today's General Hospital recap: Alexis is hosting Shawn, Spencer, and Esme. Shawn is distracted and Alexis wonders why. Shawn says he's waiting on news about an iron in the fire. Esme offer for her and Spencer to clean up. Shawn picks up on Alexis' disdain for Esme.

Valentin makes a call to lodge a formal complaint against Chase assaulting him.

Ned is playing ELQ Shares Algebra...he thinks Scout's shares are called into question because Drew's alive...even though Sam signed them off to Valentin. Ned and Olivia think this calls Valentin's majority into question. Olivia agrees with Ned that taking advantage of Valentin's pain over Bailey may work in their favor. Ned's surprised, but Olivia see how Ned's head works and has changed her opinion over the last year. They embrace.

Chase tracks down Brook Lynn out in the cold. She's trying to process everything that happened with Drew and Jason. She thinks it puts her problems in perspective and thinks she's doing the right thing for the baby, despite the pain it's causing. Chase is concerned about her pain once everything is exposed and she's left alone.

Britt runs into Carly on the bridge thinking she'd be alone. Carly didn't know Britt would know that place. Britt says they had a lot of downtime whilst they were on the run. She then proceeds to bless Carly with her knowledge of the history of the bridge. Carly apologizes for blaming Britt, but Britt admits she feels the same way. Carly chatters on about Jason's ability to get her to take the high road and the two manage to meet in the middle.

After Sonny throws his phone against the wall, he threatens to give Cyrus the war he's looking for. (LOL!) Spinelli pops in as he was summoned by Sonny. Sonny wants Spinelli to trace Cyrus' burner phone. Spinelli has the appropriate freakout about Jason, with all of the ramblings about all of the technology that can find Jason under tons of rubble and steel. Sonny tells him he has to prepare for the worst.

At the mansion, Monica asks Drew about Sam and Scout, just as Dante and Sam enter her boudoir for some lovin'. Drew admits he's not sure of his place because he was unsure two years ago. Monica assures him it's with his family. When Drew brings up the redecoration, he mentions missing the family photos. Monica tells him it was hard to put them away, but the constant reminder of loss was too much. She offers to have the servants fix Drew up a room and Ned agrees he should stay.

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Valentin joins the orphan Thanksgiving at Alexis'. When Alexis announces his arrival, Spencer asks why the hell Valentin is there. Alexis tells Spencer that Valentin is her guest, while Valentin tells Spencer his father exaggerated certain happenings in his life. Spencer spouts that Valentin is just Helena's bastard child and shouldn't be using the Cassadine name. Ding dong! More visitors...Alexis says out loud on the way to the door, "What fresh hell is this?" Well, it's Nikolas and Ava...with pies! Alexis ushers the duo in. (Messiness and discomfort ensue all around!)

Ava and Alexis are alone. Ava tells her she doesn't want to fight, but understood the significance of the day. It's been a year since they last saw Julian before he died. Alexis admits she put it out of her head. The door bell rings again..."Are you kidding me? Who could that be, Satan?" Close's Victor...surprise he's alive! Spencer is thrilled, while Alexis wants to know how long Nikolas knew without saying anything.

Victor is there for Alexis, who he keeps calling Natasha. Valentin blurts out that Victor is his father. Spencer turns to Nikolas and accuses him of not telling him, but Nikolas denies knowing anything about it.

Mac shows up to find out why Chase punched Valentin. When Brook Lynn tells Mac that Chase was defending him, Mac advises her to wait on her statement. He's there to talk to Chase in private and he's not happy. 

Nikolas and Spencer bicker, but stop when Victor whistles them to silence. Victor announces, as the family patriarch, that despite the Cassadine tradition of blood feuds, as of today it will change!

Chase comes back into the mansion and tells Brook Lynn he's on a six month suspension.

Ned is happy that Drew's back and hugs him, but warns him he has a target on his back when it comes to Valentin.

Victor thinks they could be so much stronger if they work together. Alexis tells him he's been dead for a long time and things have changed. She doesn't think he's the one to patch things up in the family. Victor wants a united front against outside threats. They all look at each other in a very confused manner.

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