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Marcus Coloma Dishes Cassadine Family Drama on General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

General Hospital's Marcus Coloma (Nikolas) was at the center of plenty of Cassadine family drama this Thanksgiving. In particular, he clashed with his newly-minted cousin Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and his estranged son Spencer (Nicholas Chavez). Coloma told Soap Opera Digest about the prince's personal problems, from a resurrected rival to dealing with hi

Another Cassadine is back from the dead: Nikolas' great-uncle Victor (Charles Shaughnessy). What's it like having him in town? Coloma mused:

I think he’s worried! It seems like Victor is not a good man, and really sneaky and sketchy. I think one of the reasons Nikolas is such a bad dad is that he has been surrounded by these criminal, manipulative influences in his life. I think he was very hesitant to strike a deal with Victor in the first place, but his hope was, ‘You know what? It seems like he’s calmed down, like he just wants to disappear on the island. I can do that, I need help, okay, fine.’ If the skeleton had stayed in the closet, everything would be great, but now the skeleton is out, he’s walking around, the skeleton is swinging around the same places Nikolas likes to hang out at. I think he’s very nervous about this guy!

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His fractured relationship with Spencer is also bothering Nik. How did Nikolas feel when Spencer cut ties? Coloma said:

It’s interesting. It was a combination of feelings that I didn’t plan, but it just happened that way. There’s a bit of pride, because as much as it hurts, and obviously, it’s upsetting, I think Nikolas probably feels, deep down, like he should have done [the same thing]. I think every Cassadine probably feels like they should have done it. I don’t believe that money is bad, but I think in this particular family, it leads to a lot of corruption, a lot of torture. Even getting shot and thrown out of a window and not seeing his son for three years had a lot to do with this financial legacy, this kingdom, that hasn’t brought Nikolas any joy, really. 

Regardless of how bad things have gotten between Nikolas and Spencer, the prince still wants the best for his son. Coloma explained:

I think his worst nightmare isn’t that Spencer won’t talk to him again. Like any parent, he just wants him to be happy and healthy. I think what was the most upsetting to Nikolas is that his son had become so manipulative and created so much trauma for Ava [Maura West], so the fact that Spencer is like, ‘I’m done being a Cassadine and I’m done with the money,’ there is a heartbreak to that, but there is also the feeling of, ‘You’re free!’ I think there’s some bittersweet happiness for him.