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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Balks at Brook Lynn's Alliance With Chase on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 2, 2021
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Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny and Carly commiserate about Jason's death, and Sonny tells her about the call from Cyrus. They worry about Cyrus' reach without Jason there to protect them. Drew pops in for a visit and they're thrilled to see him. Drew explains what happened in Greece and how Peter was controlling him. Drew worries if Peter can still get him to get to Maxie.

Sam stops by Alexis' and gets the rundown of what happened on Thanksgiving with the many Cassadine men. Sam updates Alexis on what happened on Cassadine Island with Drew and Jason.

Sam admits Dante was with her when she got the news and says she's ready to move on. The two talk about what Alexis will do now that she's been released. Sam thinks her mother should become a PI and work with her.

Maxie tells Brook Lynn and Chase they need to undo what they've done. She says they don't have Valentin's resources to protect Louise from Peter. Chase says he can protect Bailey, but Maxie says Chase doesn't have the same cojones as Valentin and won't be as ruthless.

Maxie says Peter doesn't care who he hurts or kills and says she won't underestimate him, and they shouldn't either. Maxie says Louise is not safe with Chase as her father, but Brook Lynn says Valentin has already gotten Chase suspended from his job. Maxie points out that means Chase has no firearm or shield to protect them. Chase says he'll give up his life to protect Bailey.

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Valentin runs into Anna at the hospital. Valentin tells her about Bailey not being his and how Chase is the real father. Valentin tells her about getting Chase suspended from the force and is determined to get his revenge.

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Anna says that's the man he used to be, but Valentin says Brook Lynn fooled him to get the shares and wants his pound of flesh. Anna believes he's grieving, but Valentin says he can't say goodbye to Bailey. The two share a hug. Valentin returns to the Quartermaine mansion.

Dante checks in with Olivia and the two discuss Jason's death and Drew's return. He mentions spending Thanksgiving with Sam and her kids.

Maxie runs into Drew at the mansion. (Methinks there were some sparkage there and I was trying hard to remember what the Drew/Maxie relationship was before he died.)

Brando tells Nina they're still running tests on the baby, but he's still hanging in there. Sasha's desperate for a chance to see the baby, but Amy tells them she doesn't have permission from Dr Navarro. Brando is determined to get Sasha there.

Nina creates a distraction for Amy so Brando can get Sasha to the NICU. Sasha is thrilled to see the baby and the two decide to name him Liam Michael.

Back in her room, the two are thrilled about the baby. Amy returns to let them know that Dr. Fleming has news about Liam's progress.

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