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Perkie's Observations: Peter Uses Austin to Get The Scoop on Louise on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 3, 2021
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Wes Ramsey

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina tells Carly and Sonny to be gentle with Brando and Sasha. Carly wants nothing to do anything Nina has to stay and storms off.

Brando and Sasha give themselves a pep talk before speaking with the neonatologist. Britt lets them know the hypothermia therapy will take 72 hours and they're doing everything they can for the baby.

Carly leaves a message on Monica's voicemail offering condolences for Jason and thanking her. Britt checks in on her and Carly admits she's sad and unsure what the rest of her life will be like without Jason. The two commiserate together.

Carly and Sonny check in on Brando and Sasha, and offer their support. Brando takes Sonny to see the baby and they talk about the strength of their family.

Anna plays referee between Valentin and Brook Lynn. He says he wants to say goodbye to the baby. Anna chastises Brook Lynn for letting Valentin love the baby, but Chase stands up for her. Brook Lynn gets the baby so Valentin can hold her and have his moment.

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Maxie and Drew share a hug and get caught up, including talking about Sam and Dante being together. Maxie accidentally makes a positive comment about Louise that Drew latches onto, so Maxie backpedals, claiming she's certain the baby will be home soon. Maxie says she'd give anything for Peter to no longer have a hold over her. Maxie gets upset when she sees Valentin saying goodbye to Bailey and decides all the lies have to end as she storms off. (Close the door Maxie, were you raised in a barn?!!)

Peter meets Austin. He recognizes his name as the doctor who delivered Louise and wants details. Peter says Austin was the last person to see the baby before she was abducted and he might know what happened to her.

Austin is disgusted with Peter and says he wouldn't tell him anything about Louise, even if he knew. Peter wonders how close Austin is with Maxie and warns him off.

Austin tells Britt he wants to remain Peter's doctor and she understands that it's personal for him. Austin admits he's looking out for Maxie and tells Britt he's worried Peter still has an ace up his sleeve.

Peter and Nina run into each other and she's angry he isn't in Pentonville. She wants to know what his intentions are. Peter wonders if Carly knows the truth about Nina's feelings for her husband, just as Carly walks up to them.

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