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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Warns Nina to Keep Their Romance Quiet on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 6, 2021
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Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Britt offers her condolences to Sonny, who wants to know when Brando and Sasha can bring the baby home. Britt reassures him the baby is being well taken care of. Sonny mentions how she was good for Jason, but Britt says Jason chose another woman. Sonny says Jason and Carly got married to protect the family, and he'll always be grateful for that. Sonny thanks her for saving Jason when he escaped from the hospital. He says he knows she did all she could for Jason on Cassadine Island.

Carly comes across Nina and Peter, and smacks him across the face for Jason. Peter makes innuendos about Nina and what happened in Nixon Falls. Carly wants to know what Peter meant, but Nina says Peter loves to stir the pot. Carly pushes and Nina admits that Peter was blackmailing her about Sonny. Carly accuses Nina of allowing Peter to go free, which resulted in Jason's death. Sonny gets between them to calm everyone down.

Sonny doesn't understand why Carly's reaction to Jason's death is as big as it was when he died. Carly starts to storm off, but Britt stops her, saying Sasha needs her support. Carly calms down and thanks Britt for keeping her clear-headed.

Laura and Martin continue to hang out in their safe house, worried about Cyrus. The agent in charge updates Laura that Victor has resurfaced in Port Charles and was working with Peter. Laura decides to leave the safe house. Martin refuses to let her leave, saying they are safer in FBI protection. Someone's getting ready to infiltrate the safe house.

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Ava's surprised when Victor pays Nikolas a visit. Victor thanks Ava for getting Scott to help him make the deal with the WSB. Ava wants to hear what Victor and Nikolas have to say to each other. Despite Victor's annoyance, Nikolas agrees to keep her in the loop.

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Victor brings up Hayden and admits that he dealt with her in order to protect Nikolas. Nikolas demands to know what Victor did to Hayden, but Victor warns him not to ask questions. Nikolas is not happy that Victor was working with Peter and Ava wonders what Peter had that Victor wanted. Victor refuses to answer any questions about Peter and reminds Nikolas he's at risk if Victor gets in trouble. Nikolas tells Ava he doesn't owe Victor anything, but Ava disagrees. She tells Nikolas not to ruffle feathers.

Willow and Michael are shocked to see Drew alive and well. Drew tells Michael about Jason and his slim chances of survival. Willow is also shocked to find out that Chase is Bailey's father. Chase and Brook Lynn explain it was one time and are only co-parenting now. Michael and Willow also find out about Sasha's baby, and head to the hospital.

Drew talks to Chase and Brook Lynn about Maxie's baby and is determined to help find Louise. (Dear show, Louise was born May 27th, which means she's more than 6 months old. That baby is flippin' adorable, but she ain't 6 months old!! What's the opposite of SORASed?!!)

Back at the hospital, Michael finds Carly. He believes there is hope that Jason is still alive, like Sonny was.

Nina summons and warns Sonny that Peter might tell Carly about their relationship in Nixon Falls. Willow overhears Sonny say that no one needs to know about them. Nina says she doesn't regret their love. Sonny says he needs to be the one to tell Carly the truth. 

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