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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chloe Fears The Worst as a Drunken Brady Is Covered in Philip’s Blood Type

Days of Our Lives Recap for December 6, 2021
Nadia Bjorlin

Nadia Bjorlin

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Kate showing up to the Brady Pub. She uses her key to enter the closed restaurant and sees that Roman has planned a romantic evening. 

At the Salem Inn, a betoweled Xander awaits Gwen upon her return. He is thinking they should go out to Julie’s Place for dinner. She wonders how they are going to pay, but Xander has other plans - a little dine and dash. 

Side Note: Oh, Xander. Julie just sent the Devil away. What are you thinking?

In the woods, Chloe frets over a bleeding and unconscious Brady. 

Like sands through the hour glass…

Victor sits in his living room distressed about plummeting shares at Titan when Gabi and Jake walk in. They have arrived to talk to him about the vacant CEO position. 

Victor decides to listen to their pitch because he’s up for a good laugh. They ignore his sarcasm and talk about all their experience. Victor doesn’t care if they were Jobs and Rockefeller reincarnated. The CEO of Titan will be replaced within his own family. 

Gabi reminds Victor that most of his family have disappointed him and everyone else has been driven away. Victor maintains there isn’t a Kiriakis alive who wouldn’t want to run Titan. They go through a long list of Kiriakis’, but Victor reminds them they’ve forgotten Brady.

It doesn’t take long for Victor to admit that Brady isn’t really an option either. He does go on to wonder why he would hire a duo who were responsible for Philip’s downfall.

Gabi cuts the crap and reminds Victor that Philip was a lousy CEO and Titan is better off without him. Victor still thinks they are doing a lousy job selling themselves.  

In the woods, Brady begins to rouse whilst Chloe freaks out. There is a bloody knife next to him. They both wonder where all the blood has come from. 

Brady is woozy and has no idea what happened to him. Chloe asks about Philip. A slurring Brady can barely remain conscious so Chloe calls FINALLY calls 911.

At Dine and Dash central, Xander is dressing and discussing their upcoming scam. Xander thinks Julie owes them one, but Gwen thinks it might be better to steer clear of the law. Xander is starting to come around to Gwen’s point of view. No dining and dashing for them. Xander decides he can pay for everything with his new credit card. 

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At the Brady Pub, Kate wonders what they are celebrating. Roman says Kate gave him permission to romance her and he hasn’t quite lived up to it. This date is a do over from the tragic wedding they previously attended. 

Their dinner begins with chowder. Kate isn’t terribly impressed, but goes with the flow. She is pleasantly surprised at how good it is. Roman decided to take Caroline’s recipe and give it a Kate-centered upgrade. 

Side Note: I love Kate and Roman. 

Roman opens the second course - filet mignon! Kate is pleased, but wants to try it for herself. As she cuts her meat, Roman suggests they need to take their relationship out in public. He wants to tell their families. 

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They go over a list of their kids to inform (with the glaring exception of Cassie). Roman wants to have a coming out party for their relationship so they can cover everyone (except Cassie) at once. 

For dessert, Roman has prepped creme brûlée. Kate is impressed and says the classics are the classics for a reason. Roman agrees and thinks they are classic as well. 

In Horton Square, Rafe is explaining Kristen’s escape to an already informed Ava. He doesn’t believe Kristen could possibly accomplish what she did by herself. Just then, up walk Xander and Gwen. 

Rafe approaches them and says he needs to chat with Xander about his possible role in Kristen’s escape. Rafe drags him away leaving Gwen and Ava alone. 

They sit down and discuss the situation. Ava doesn’t seem terribly concerned that Xander has been taken in, but Gwen is beside herself. Ava thinks getting caught isn’t going to help anything. 

Gwen is beside herself and Ava wants her to quiet down. Ava explains that everything will work out because Xander, for once, is innocent. Ava thinks Rafe is just bluffing. Gwen starts to eat but still thinks everything is going to blow up in their faces.

Gwen finally gives Ava a clue that she knows more about Sarah’s disappearance than she is letting on. Gwen sings. 

She explains that Sarah is on an island somewhere. Ava seems quite impressed with Kristen’s tactics. Gwen says she feels so bad for Sarah, but Ava doesn’t think she feels that badalso, why is Gwen feeling so badly now after everything else she has done? Ava is about done with Gwen and her whining. 

At the Salem PD, Rafe begins to question Xander in that all too familiar room. Rafe tries to tempt him with granola bars, but Xander isn’t interested. He maintains his innocence as Rafe probes for holes in his story. 

Side Note: Poor, clueless, Rafe.

Rafe thinks confronting Kristen about Sarah was a ruse to help her escape. Xander explains that rotting in prison is what Kristen deserves and he hopes those who helped her escape should be in prison as well. 

At University Hospital, Kayla is looking all over Brady’s body for the source of the blood. She does notice a bump on his head. It’s not the source of the blood, but he might have a concussion. Chloe’s status continues to be - perplexed.

While they are awaiting the results of the bloodwork and the CT scan, Chloe tells Kayla she was looking for Philip when she found Brady. They are both concerned that it is Philip’s blood all over Brady. Chloe tries calling Philip and his phone rings…in Brady’s pocket. 

We being the ending of our day in Salem with Brady beginning to rouse while a very distraught Chloe asks him why he has Philip’s phone. Just then, Kayla returns to violate HIPPA and tell Chloe that Brady was drunk. Oh yeah, also the blood is O positive - Philip’s blood type. 

At the Salem PD, Xander decides to take his leave because Rafe has nothing. He says again that he would never help Kristen. She deserves to be in prison.

In Horton Square, Gwen wonders how all of this criminal activity is so easy for Ava. She doesn’t think it’s easy. It’s just how the world works. Ava wants Gwen to remember that she is the only person who can make herself feel guilty. Gwen agrees. Ava also reminds her that Xander believes Sarah and Rex are off saving the world. No one else needs to be the wiser. 

In the Brady Pub, Roman and Kate enjoy a romantic dance and get all sweet and precious. They kiss just as Rex enters!

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