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The Young and The Restless' Melissa Ordway Talks Abby and Chance: "Nothing is The Same Now!"

Melissa Ordway Conner Floyd

Is there a happily-ever-after in store on The Young and the Restless? Over in Genoa City, Abby (Melissa Ordway) is delighted that her presumed-dead husband Chance (Conner Floyd) is alive. But can the pair pick up where they left off, despite all that's different now in their lives? Ordway teased what's to come for the Chancellors in an interview with

The twosome didn't have very long to bask in their joy after marrying. Ordway said:

Yeah, things went south pretty quickly after the wedding. She and Chance really didn’t have an opportunity to get to know one another as man and wife before the trouble started.

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While Chance has been away, though, Abby has grown and become a mother. Ordway reflected: 

A lot has changed over the past year. Abby kind of had a break from being married. Chance was gone for almost a year, and she’s not the same person she was when he left. She’s been through a lot, and what she’s been through had a big impact on her. And of course, everything that he went through changed him as well. So it’s almost as if the two of them have to figure out who they are together after everything that happened while they were apart.

Chance also went through a traumatic time while away from his wife. Ordway added:

Abby being the optimist that she is imagined that the three of them would live happily ever after in their mansion and, because they are so in love, everything would be perfect. But she’s finding out that’s not the case. He suffered the loss of many of his team mebers [sic] in the explosion. And he wasn’t there when Abby was dealing with Mariah’s [Camryn Grimes] pregnancy and her kidnapping and having to be a single mom. It’s not like Chance just walks back in and they pick things up where they left off, because nothing is the same now!