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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Ridge Realizes The Depth of His Children's Resentment (WATCH)

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for December 8, 2021
Thorsten Kaye

Thorsten Kaye

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Steffy, Thomas, and Ridge are still wringing their hands over Deacon. In case you forgot, Steffy reminds Ridge that Brooke had an affair her daughter's husband (about eleventy years ago). Ridge claims Brooke and Bridget have been trying to fix their relationship for a long time. Thomas uses his background in research methods to deduce that Bridget doesn't come often because of it.

Ridge tries to go to bat for Bridget...she has a family of her own...but Steffy tosses another pitch. Maybe it's because her mother had a child with her husband. Ridge swings and hits back...a long time ago. Thomas realizes it's a personal issue for Ridge, but he and Steffy remember that daddy was with mommy, and cherish those precious memories. Then, Brooke took him away.

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Ridge was waiting for that jab. He doesn't think his children have ever forgiven her for that. Steffy and Thomas admit they haven't, and are still angry about it, but that's not where they're coming from.

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Thomas acknowledges Ridge is worried about Brooke, but Thomas explains they're worried about him. Steffy claims that Deacon isn't the only problem, Brooke is also fueling that fire. Taylor was such a good, good human being and never treated Ridge like this. Steffy tells Ridge they always thought they would win, but here they are again tying themselves in knots. She wants to know when it will stop and when Ridge will stop justifying the behavior.

Steffy remarks that Ridge wouldn't be upset about Deacon if he trusted Brooke. She asks him if he's tired of Brooke's drama. Steffy wants to know when he will get fed up and come home.

Will Ridge turn away from Brooke? Will Steffy and Thomas ever NOT blame Brooke for all of their problems? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

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