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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Warns Peter He Will Be The Man to Take Him Out on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for December 8, 2021
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Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Willow admits to Nina she overheard her conversation in the chapel. Nina tries to do damage control, but Willow says she heard them say they fell in love. Willow demands to know if Sonny and Nina are having an affair, but Nina denies it.

Nina says Mike was the one who fell in love with her, not Sonny. She says she found peace in Nixon Falls and Mike didn't want to know who he was. Willow wonders why Sonny hasn't said anything, but Nina says it's over and doesn't matter. Nina questions whether Willow will tell Michael and Carly.

Nina says Sonny is with his family now and no one needs to know what happened in Nixon Falls. Willow figures Nina's just concerned about her own butt. Nina says Willow will be driving a wedge between Carly and Sonny, and begs Willow to keep quiet.

Sonny says everyone wants to see Peter pay for Jason's death and he'll do the honors. Peter doesn't believe Sonny will kill him because if he does, his secret will come out. Peter claims he recorded everything between Nina and Sonny in Nixon Falls, including a kiss. He says if he is found dead, that secret comes out.

Sonny's not cowed. He adds he'll take Peter out, but will take his time to do it so Peter doesn't know when it will happen. Sonny makes a comment about the baby and how she's better off where she is, which angers Peter. Sonny tells Peter to remember he was the one who sent him to his maker and that everyone, including Maxie, will be happy.

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Maxie stops by to talk to Austin about Peter. Austin admits he told Peter he would do anything to protect her. Maxie explains she went to see Peter to take back control and worries that Peter will see Austin as a rival. Austin's not worried, saying many people have it out for Peter and will take care of it.

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Michael checks in with Sasha and Brando. The two ask Michael if he and Willow will be Liam's godparents. Michael's curious where Willow has been, but she doesn't tell him about her run in with Nina.

Carly finds Gladys crying over baby Liam's condition. Carly commiserates with her. Gladys regrets her bad parenting experience with Brando and hopes things are better with Liam.

Brando explains about Sasha's difficult delivery and Liam's condition to Gladys. Gladys promises she'll be around to help with the baby. Brando says they need to wait and see what the baby's prognosis is first.

Maxie runs into Sonny and asks if he plans on killing Peter.

Martin and Laura argue about her decision to head back to Port Charles. Martin says it's too dangerous for her to leave, but Laura says she misses her family. Martin wants to watch a Christmas movie, but Laura says it reminds her too much of home. The two argue and Martin insists she stay safe, so Laura agrees to stay.

When Laura leaves the room, the "laundry lady" comes and tries to kill Martin. 

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